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Multi-faceted Avionics Test Set has DME/TACAN capabilities.

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Multi-faceted Avionics Test Set has DME/TACAN capabilities.

May 13, 2009 - Battery-powered and portable, IFR 6015 Ramp Test Set is used for testing operation of aviation transponder modes 1, 2, 3A/C/S, including European Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance (ELS and EHS); TCAS I, II, and Military E-TCAS; TIS; and DME/TACAN. Weatherproof solution supports all TACAN channels and offers RF level-control for track sensitivity tests. Predetermined configurations promote accurate measurement of transponder transmitting frequency, power, and receiver sensitivity.

Aeroflex Laboratories - Plainview, NY

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Aeroflex Adds New Test Capabilities to IFR 6015 Avionics Test Set

Press release date: Apr 29, 2009

Wichita, KS-April 29, 2009-Aeroflex today announced it has added IFF test modes 1, 2 and TACAN as standard features to the IFR 6015 Ramp Test Set, the company's next generation of avionics test equipment. Compact, lightweight and weatherproof, the IFR 6015 is a battery-powered portable unit designed to test the operation of aviation transponder modes 1, 2, 3A/C/S including European Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance (ELS and EHS), TCAS I, II and Military E-TCAS, TIS and now DME/TACAN.

The additional TACAN capabilities enable the 6015 to emulate several different TACAN test sets including, AN/ASM-663, AN/ARM-184 and Bradley 2650 and 2655. The 6015 supports all TACAN channels and includes RF level-control for track sensitivity tests, displaying the full measurement parameters for the unit under test on the screen. The 6015 is capable of complete simulation of T/R normal, T/R inverse, T/R range-only, A/A beacon, A/A inverse and A/A range-only modes of operation.

"Aeroflex is one of the leading global developers of ground support test equipment for the civil and military aviation industries and our products have been adopted by airlines and aircraft manufacturers around the world," said Brian Schirer, avionics business development manager, Aeroflex. "Our extensive expertise has enabled us to design the IFR 6015 test set to be rugged and portable, yet extremely user-friendly to significantly reduce testing challenges."

The IFR 6015 quickly and easily provides accurate measurement of transponder transmitting frequency, power and receiver sensitivity with predetermined configurations for testing any class of transponder. The intuitive user interface with one main user screen for each test mode enables the IFR 6015 to display the most commonly used test parameters on its large 5.7 in. LCD screen. Users can easily select their preferred operational mode with dedicated keys for transponder (XPDR), TACAN and TCAS. A majority of tests can be conducted without leaving the main user screens, which simplifies testing for line technicians.

To perform XPDR, TACAN and DME test, the IFR 6015 may be directly connected to the unit under test via a supplied RF coaxial cable via the RF I/O port. The IFR 6015 is supplied with a lightweight, fully sealed, detachable directional antenna that may be hand-held or mounted on the test set or tripod. A rugged plastic transit case provides storage for the 6015, its directional antenna, RF coax cable, antenna shield, breakout box, and power supply/charger.

Compact and portable, the IFR 6015 weighs just eight pounds (3.6 kg.) and has an average battery life of six hours or more.

Availability The IFR 6015 Ramp Test Set is currently available with delivery approximately two weeks upon receipt of order. For details on price and availability, contact your Aeroflex sales representative at (800) 853-2352 or

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