Multi-Directional Forklift handles long and wide loads.

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Offering 6,000 lb capacity, COMBI-CB is available in LP gas, diesel, and electric models with all-wheel hydrostatic drive and lift heights up to 25 ft. Rubber tires enable indoor/outdoor use, while fully enclosed cabin with heat can accommodate harsh/wet environments. Fork carriage, measuring 55 in. wide, offers support for handling long products. Since there is no platform, goods can be stacked directly from floor up, enabling 100% use of lower storage areas.

Original Press Release:

North American Premiere of the COMBI-CB FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show

Greensboro, North Carolina. October 6, 2008 - To commemorate its 10th anniversary, Combilift consolidates its position as the global leader in multi-directional forklifts with the North American Premiere of the COMBI-CB, a revolutionary new Combilift product at the 2008 FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show. The development of COMBI-CB continues Combilifts tradition of identifying a gap in the market and devising a niche solution for it.

Metal Companies face a unique set of challenges when handling: long, wide and awkward loads such as frames, metal roofing, wall panels and structural steel beams. The industry has sought many ways to find solutions to improve material handling, and the trend emerging is that the Combilift multi-directional forklift is the answer to these material handling safety problems while also bringing added benefits of increasing storage space and improving productivity and efficiency.

This new innovative Combilift will bring many advantages to fabrication companies who today may be using standard conventional counter-balance forklifts, reach trucks, side loaders, or electric 4-way forklifts. This new 6,000lbs capacity multi-directional COMBI-CB available in LP Gas, Diesel & Electric is available in lift heights up to 25 ft. Its rubber tires give the advantage of indoor / outdoor capabilities. A fully enclosed cabin with heater can be offered to accommodate harsh/wet environments.

Martin McVicar, CEO of Combilift foresees a wide variety of suitable applications for the truck, particularly in manufacturing plants where not only the use of all available shelf space is crucial but also safe handling and maneuverability is paramount. The 55" wide fork carriage with optional integrated Fork Positioner offers excellent support for handling long products.

As there is no platform, goods can be stacked directly from the floor up, enabling 100% use of lower storage areas. The small physical compact size of the COMBI-CB allows it to stuff and de-stuff containers and transport the pallets or long loads directly to the warehouse. Combilift will provide potential customers with a proposed layout drawing free of charge to show their possible product storage when considering the COMBI-CB for their operations.

Available in LPG or diesel and electric the Combilift has no complicated electronics and is both operator and maintenance friendly making it an excellent all-round solution for small and large companies operating in tight, closed areas. Like all products in the Combilift range, it is equipped with all-wheel hydrostatic drive providing superb outdoor as well as indoor capability and can also operate in semi-rough terrain and even snow making it a cost effective solution for metal related industries.

About Combilift

Combilift offers customers solutions for handling long, awkward loads. Today, Combilift is experiencing double digit growth year on year and with over 9,000 units operating in over 50 countries, Combilift is the global leader in multi-directional forklifts. The COMBI-CB complements the already extensive Combilift range that varies in capacities now from 5,000lbs to 30,000 lbs, with mast lifts heights up to 360" and is also offered in several chassis configurations to fit every type of long load application. Combilift also manufacturers various customized attachments such as 4 fork spreader bars which are especially beneficial in the handling of long and flexible loads.

In North America Combilift is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. Combilift USA is the Technical & Spare Parts Support Center for North America providing back up and support to a network of over 60 dealers and 150 support locations. Visit

For More Information Contact:

Mr. Gearoid Hogan

VP Marketing, Combilift USA

303 Concord Street

Greensboro, NC 27406

Ph: 336-314-4262 E-mail:


Some Technical Info:

o 6,000lb capacity

o Available in LP gas, diesel and electric

o Lift heights up to 25ft

o Drive all 3 wheels

o 8" Side Shift as standard

o 55" Fork Carriage

Options: Fully Enclosed Cabin Cabin Heater, Hydraulic Fork Positioner, Detachable 4 Fork Spreader Bar

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