Multi-Axis Motion Controllers offer plug-and-play operation.

Press Release Summary:

Allegro Series consists of stand-alone RS232, joystick, and trackball interfaced motion controllers. Each system integrates power supplies, indexer, micro-stepper drivers, and step motors. Operator may use joystick, trackball, or GUI to move mechanism to different positions, and can receive, save, edit, and download position information. User may also compose motion profile using BASIC like programming language, then download and test in supplied IDE.

Original Press Release:

OPTIMAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS Offers the RS232, Joystick, and Trackball Interfaced Series of Programmable Stepper Motor Controller Systems

The programmable Allegro series of motion controllers are complete, multi-axis, stand-alone, RS232 and/or joystick and/or trackball interfaced, easy-to-use, plug-and-play, cool, efficient, and cost effective solutions for your motion control applications. Each complete system integrates the power supplies, indexer, micro-stepper drivers and step motors.

The supplied GUI allows the user to set-up the system quickly. The operator may use the joystick, trackball, or the GUI to move the mechanism to different positions, and is able to receive, save, edit, and download the position information. No programming is absolutely necessary.

Or, the user may compose his motion profile using a BASIC like programming language, download and test in the supplied Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Programming instructions include motion control, interrogation, configuration, data flow, program flow commands and logical and mathematical operations.Modes of motion include point-to-point positioning, jogging, contouring, electronic gearing, and electronic cam.

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