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- Enhanced capability for advanced multi-axis machining -

Newport Beach, California - March 2007 - Available from NCCS, NCL multi-axis machining software is used in the aerospace, automotive and turbo machinery industry. Continually being enhanced is its waterline roughing feature designed to decrease programming time and machining of complex parts by generating time-saving tool paths.

Automated Roughing Strategies
o Stock models can be included as part of the model to be machined, or have the system automatically calculate a contour or rectangular stock model, thereby enabling the user to quickly rough large imported models. At this point, the user can specify the bottom and top levels of the part or again, have the system calculate the extent of the area to machine. This is designed to minimize programming time and reduce inefficiencies.
o The waterline roughing feature allows the user to either machine the entire model or only a selected portion of the model. The user chooses the machining parameters such as, axial and radial stepovers, entry angle, entry method, and pocketing strategy. This feature is designed to speed up the machining process while offering flexibility.

According to David Schultz, NCCS' Manager of CAD/CAM Applications, "We realize that programmers want features that are fast, efficient and easy to use. Using the waterline roughing feature easily minimizes tool wear, improves quality, and reduces programming time".

About NCCS
Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS) has been an international supplier of Computer-Aided Manufacturing software and services for over 25 years. A recognized leader in software solutions for multi-axis machining applications, its flagship product NCL, is used by leading manufacturing companies throughout the world. For more information, visit NCCS' website at

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