MTN Satellite Communications and ERZIA Provide Mobile VSAT Communications Solution for Spanish Oceanographic Vessel BIO Hesperides

Rapid Deployment System Ensures Availability of Broadband Communications Services for Final Leg of Malaspina Expedition

MIRAMAR, Fla. - MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the global provider of communications, connectivity and content services to remote locations around the world, and ERZIA, the leading provider of VSAT maritime communications in Spain, today jointly announced the installation of MTN's Rapid Deployment System (RDS), the fastest and most reliable mobile VSAT communications solution designed specifically for the maritime industry, on the Spanish research vessel BIO Hesperides. Installed in just one day, the RDS guarantees complete communications connectivity no matter the location or conditions as it travels across the Pacific from Sydney, Australia to Cartagena de Indias in Columbia for the Malaspina expedition.

The Marina Malaspina Expedition is led by the CSIC and mainly financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, performed in memory of the Alessandro Malaspina voyage (1789-1794). The main objective is to develop a high-resolution inventory of the global change's impact on ocean ecosystems and exploring their biodiversity, particularly in the deep ocean. As it approached the final segment of the expedition across the Pacific Ocean, the vessel required a temporary broadband satellite communications solution that could be installed within a day. The MTN/ERZIA team was able to fulfill the requirements on time given their previous experience providing support for the BIO Sarmiento de Gamboa.

"BIO Hesperides is a Navy ship dedicated to marine science that uses X-Band satellites to connect their systems," said Ian Maxson-Davies, commercial director, Europe for MTN Satellite Communications. "When this vessel required additional coverage, they turned to the MTN/ERZIA team based on our ability to install a fully operational temporary VSAT solution and supporting services within a day. We developed the RDS solution for this very kind of situation and are pleased to play a role in the BIO Hesperides' scientific mission."

The RDS solution enables offshore energy vessels to quickly establish voice and data communications using a temporary turnkey Ku-band satellite connection and VSAT equipment, delivering "Always On - Always Available" broadband communications. The RDS is designed to provide quality VSAT communications on a temporary basis to vessels that require consistent and constant remote access to global broadband.

"Our flexibility and engineering expertise were key to the success in this project. We were able to deploy a fully functional system in one day with its secure connection to UTM's core network up and running in a few hours, meanwhile reducing cost due to ERZIA and MTN global logistics and technical service network," said Juan Corro, Satellite Services Business Unit Manager from ERZIA Technologies. "It has been challenging but this will be an example for future oceanographic campaigns, which need punctual broadband connectivity."

"The solution from MTN is essential for meeting the Malaspina expedition's objectives," says Jordi Sorribas, CTO of Unidad de Tenologia Marina (UTM-CSIC), which is responsible for the civil technology management of the Hesperides. "Broadband communications allow for us to conduct real-time transmission of data such as the vessel's position and altitude, as well as the depth of the ocean and its physical and chemical characteristics. We transmit this data direct to shore now, instead of relying on an onboard data-processing technical specialist to do so. And the entire system can be repaired and reconfigured remotely in case of any failure or needed operational changes. We can even have new software installed remotely as new demands for the project emerge."

The expedition is having a great impact in the international scientific community. To follow the blog visit:

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ERZIA Tech. is a Spanish leading provider of satellite communication systems and space RF payload electronics and test systems. ERZIA is also a leading engineering firm that provides VSAT ground stations for extreme environments and harsh conditions such as the Antarctic. ERZIA is currently providing communication services to several branches of the Spanish Government, including the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas CSIC, the Spanish Antarctic Base Juan Carlos I, and Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia (IEO), equivalent to the U.S. NOAA. ERZIA is also providing RF and Power Special Checkout Systems for several European Space programs such as PAZ satellite and Asteroidfinder from Germany's DLR, along with space qualified RF power amplifiers for a broad number of space missions. The company is currently headquartered in Santander, Spain. For more information, visit or email at

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MTN Satellite Communications (MTN) is the leading global provider of communications, connectivity, and content services to remote locations around the world. MTN's maritime VSAT solutions and global satellite communications network offer the reliability that only "Always On - Always Available" systems can provide. More than 600 vessels and land-based terminals worldwide, including cruise ships, commercial ships, offshore drilling and production sites, government and military vessels, private yachts, and ferries depend on MTN's voice and data networks to allow them to "be in the middle of nowhere and at the center of everything." Premium services include remote access for Internet, fixed and mobile phones, fax, television, onboard newspapers, banking services, direct payroll deposit for crew, and other enterprise solutions. MTN is based in Miramar, Fla. and has offices worldwide. For more information, visit

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