MSI Labels of North Texas Switches to Mercury Free Resins to Help the Environment

Attempting to be more mindful of the environment, innovative label solution provider MSI (Marking Systems) of Garland, Texas, is switching from doming resins that contain mercury to a brand new mercury-free resin.  For years, this was thought to be impossible from a manufacturer's point of view, as the mercury contained in the resin is what gave it the abiity to hold it's structure.  By removing the metallic property resins became too watery and controlling the flow was difficult.  MSI's supplier of resins has worked painstakingly to create a "green" resin, and has finally succeeded.  The difference will be unnoticeable, as the new resin has been deemed "automotive grade",  and a variety of both hard and soft resins have successfully been duplicated. MSI's adoption of this product is part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the best quality product as well as stay on the cutting edge as an industry leader in specialty printing. Although companies that provide dome labels will have until 2017 to make the switch—MSI stands out as proactive rather than reactive solution supplier.

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