Mr.Ted Selects Cape Clear ESB to Power Global On-Demand E-Talent System Integration

Cape Clear to support 3 million mission-critical daily web transactions

London - May 23, 2006 MrTed Ltd has selected Cape Clear 6.5 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to embed into its globally successful Talent Management Solution, MrTedTalentLink. The MrTed Software delivered as a Service (Saas) model helps organizations to optimize the complex processes of acquiring and deploying Talent on a local and worldwide scale - as part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy. MrTed's client list includes De Beers, France Telecom, and Siemens.

With Cape Clear as its transactional hub, MrTed will now deploy a SOA five times faster, with significantly less cost and with a smaller internal team, than any other ESB.

Cape Clear will power MrTed's external and internal integration requirements globally, and was selected over other integration vendors because of Cape Clear's ability to quickly expose and integrate complex and proprietary external data sources to communicate easily as web services. Initial deployment of the Cape Clear-powered MrTedTalentLink will go live with its 1st web service called CV Parsing as a part of version 2.7 which is released the 5th June 2006.

100 External Software Interfaces Streamlined via Web Services

MrTedTalentLink(TM) provides all clients with an end-to-end collaborative Talent Management Solution. With 50,000 corporate users across 100 countries it manages talent through the entire HR workflow process by integrating closely with business applications, and providing a flexible and easy to integrate web based Solution.
This ease of integration allows the exchange of information between external HR service providers - such as Job boards and assessment centres - and any internal business application software - such as ERP and legacy applications. Traditionally, this type of integration has been a slow, difficult and costly effort due to the mix of proprietary and legacy formats used but now it can be achieved in a matter of weeks.

Web services enabled by SOA are fundamental to ensuring the efficient exchange of data: For instance, to be able to extract a qualifications dictionary from an HR ERP system and pass this back to the recruitment process to match candidates' skills against job requisitions.

"We saw an opportunity to strip out the cost and complexity of integrating together over 100 critical HR data sources that our largest clients require on a daily basis by using a standards-based, web services approach," said J©r´me Ternynck, CEO, MrTed. "Through its 100 per cent open standards architecture, Cape Clear was the only ESB solution that would allow MrTed to work easily with any data format, from any sources in an automated way. This will allow us to bring new services to our customers faster and more reliably than ever before."

Ease of Use and Speed of Delivery Demonstrated Value to MrTed

Open standards was not the only reason why MrTed selected Cape Clear over the other ESB vendors on the shortlist. During the evaluation process, Cape Clear proved to be the easiest and fastest ESB to deploy across their customers' systems. Because Cape Clear is infrastructure agnostic it is significantly easier to integrate any legacy or proprietary system. In addition, Cape Clear is fully integrated into the Eclipse-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) therefore providing a unified and consistent view across the entire platform resulting in significant productivity benefits.

"We're very excited that Cape Clear has been selected as the embedded ESB to power MrTedTalentLink," said Annrai O'Toole, CEO, Cape Clear. "MrTed's customers will now be able to benefit from an expanded portfolio of new e-talent management services faster and easier than ever before. This is a real life example of the real business benefits to organisations that a True ESB can provide in just a few weeks," added O'Toole.

About MrTed

MrTed is a leading provider of Talent Management Solutions, designed to help organizations optimize the complex processes of acquiring and deploying Talent on a local and worldwide scale. Our Solution suite, MrTedTalentLinkTM, is used by some of the world's largest organizations across more than 100 countries, driving significant cost savings and efficiency gains while allowing them to Attract, Hire, and Retain Top Talent. Its unique collaborative environment integrates into any infrastructure and brings all recruitment stakeholders together in an easy and intuitive way.

All our solutions are web-based, easy-to-use, supported in over 25 languages and can be deployed in a matter of weeks with MrTed's proven Implementation Methodology and expert consultants.


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About Cape Clear Software

Cape Clear Software provides the fastest, simplest, and most proven way to implement a Service Oriented Architecture, delivering enterprise SOA projects in 20% of the time and cost of alternative approaches. With over 200 customers, Cape Clear is the proven leader in Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) software. Cape Clear's True ESB software is based completely on open standards, works with your existing infrastructure, and enables business users to flexibly align their business processes with their infrastructure.

Founded in 1999, Cape Clear Software is a privately held firm with headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts and offices in Atlanta, San Mateo, Dublin, and London.

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