Mpact® Drilling Motors Feature a Proprietary Bearing Assembly That Optimizes Performance and Extends Service Life

Conroe, Texas - Mpact® Downhole Motors designs, manufactures and markets Mpact® drilling motors that provide field-proven, reliable operation and extended motor life, even in the most difficult drilling applications. One of the key features of Mpact drilling motors that aids in the long service life is the proprietary bearing assembly.

The bearing assembly in Mpact drilling motors is oil lubricated, sealed and pressure balanced. The method of pressure balancing assures zero pressure drop across the seals, allowing the seals to act only as a barrier between the oil and the drilling fluid. This proprietary seal design extends bearing life.

The radial bearing is specifically designed to accommodate a larger diameter drive shaft which allows the drilling motor to withstand extreme radial and torsional loads. In addition, proprietary, custom-designed thrust bearings are also included in all Mpact drilling motors to increase load capacity. In addition to long service life, this bearing assembly design offers another significant advantage - it is no longer necessary to balance bit weight and pump open force.

Additional features and benefits of the proprietary bearing assembly include:

o High strength materials for quality assurance

o One-piece mandrel that eliminates an additional threaded connection and removes two potential failure points

o Large diameter housing to increase fatigue strength

o Tapered, shouldered thread designs to reduce connection stress

o Large thru-hole to ensure maximum flow to the bit

Mpact® Downhole Motors has over two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of premium quality drilling motors. Mpact Downhole Motors focuses exclusively on the development, manufacture, distribution and rental of field proven, proprietary Mpact® drilling motors. Mpact Downhole Motors is a leading independent downhole motor supplier to the domestic U.S. directional, horizontal, and vertical drilling markets, servicing customers through two regional service centers and ten sales offices. Mpact Downhole Motors is headquartered in Conroe, Texas.

Reader service inquiries should be forwarded to David Stuart at Mpact Downhole Motors, 3335 Pollok Drive, Conroe, Texas 77303. Phone: 936-442-2200. Fax: 936-442-2299. E-mail:

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