Moving Coil Actuator exhibits extended cycle life.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to replace pneumatic cylinders in positioning/measuring applications, LCA series includes 1- and 3-coil versions which respectively generate 10 and 30 N and offer accelerations exceeding 40G. Model LCA25 occupies 25 x 50 mm footprint, and length depends on stroke, which can vary from 10-100 mm with encoder resolutions from 20 micron to 50 nm. Slide option is available for scanning applications. Linear guide with built-in lubricant lends to 100,000,000+ cycle expected life.

Original Press Release:

Next Generation Moving Coil Actuator LCA Series has an Expected 10 Times Improvement in Cycle Life Over Pneumatics

Carlsbad, California: SMAC Inc. has developed next generation moving coil actuator LCA series designed to replace pneumatic cylinders with an expected 10 times improvement in cycle life over pneumatics and a competitive list price starting at $500.

The LCA series is conceived as a complete series, like SMAC's CA series. The first model in this series, the LCA25, has a small overall footprint 25mm (H) x 50mm (W) and length depending on stroke. Starting with stroke length of 10mm, the range will extend up to 100mm with encoder resolutions from 20micron to 50nanometer. With this level of accuracy the unit is especially useful for precise positioning and measuring. A slide option is available for scanning applications.

The LCA series have one and three coil versions that generate a force of 10N and 30N respectively with accelerations greater than 40G possible.

The LCA series is equipped with linear guide with built-in lubricant that gives >100,000,000 cycle expected life. This enables a reduction of down time and significantly increase production efficiency. The actuator also has a low power consumption of 1.5 amps peak at 24V and 48V, making them highly energy efficient and very quiet compared to old pneumatic technology.

A "Snap Together" design controls tight tolerance stack-up to assures high product quality. There is no adjustment of parts during the assembly of the actuator and maximum tolerance stack-up is held to under 50% of allowable.

As with all SMAC actuators the LCA series are fully programmable in force, velocity and position mode. Further to this the SMAC patented "Soft-Land" function is incorporated to allow delicate & controlled force when landing on fragile components. The actuators also give 100% data feedback of all operations as standard. Due to these unique features, no external switches or sensors are required to detect actuator movement or position.

Incorporated in the LCA series are SMAC's proprietary linear encoders. These have been developed and field proven to be much more reliable than commercially marketed encoders.


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