Mouse Telemetry System measures biopotential signals.

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Featuring single-use, implantable telemeter, Mouse Telemetry System minimizes downtime and delays that can occur from explanting, cleaning, and refurbishment. Contoured shape allows for smooth subcutaneous implantation and recovery in mice >22 g. With digital data transmission and sampling rate up to 2 kHz, system enables insights in tumor, seizure, neurodegeneration, pharmacology, and toxicology studies. Real-time signals are acquired 24/7 and animals can roam freely in cages.

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Millar, Inc. Announces Biopotential Mouse Telemetry System Launch

HOUSTON, --Millar, Inc. is pleased to announce the official release of the Millar Mouse Telemetry System for biopotential signals (ECG, EEG, EMG) at the Experimental Biology conference in San Diego, California.

The Mouse Telemetry System provides a unique advantage to the industry with its single-use, implantable telemeter. The consumable design adds a new level of efficiency to the researcher's laboratory by reducing downtime and delays that can occur from explanting, cleaning and possible refurbishment. The contoured shape of the telemeter also allows for smoother subcutaneous implantation and recovery in mice > 22 grams.

By delivering unprecedented data quality and a higher temporal resolution, supported by Millar's digital data transmission and a sampling rate up to 2 kHz, the system continues to uphold Millar's promise to offer products that drive discovery. The Mouse Telemetry System is ideal for high-volume studies where data quality cannot be compromised. Additionally, ensuring consistent, high-quality biopotential data in the laboratory enables the potential for new insights in tumor, seizure, neurodegeneration, pharmacology and toxicology studies.

Similar to the Millar Rat Telemetry System, real-time signals are acquired 24/7 and animals can roam freely in their cages. A complete system includes the mouse biopotential telemeter (MT10B), a tBase (wireless power and digital receiver in one device) and a Configurator to collect data. The system will be sold directly by Millar and distributors throughout the world.

"We are excited to be able to officially announce this highly anticipated product and look forward to further advancing our customers' research capabilities," states Simon Malpas, CSO and Managing Director of Millar Auckland.

Millar strives to develop products that take medical research science to the next level and support clinical discoveries. The company plans to expand the mouse telemetry product line over the next few years.

About Millar, Inc.

Since 1969, Millar, Inc. has led the development of catheter-based, solid-state pressure sensors and is known worldwide as the leader in sensors that advance medical understanding. Today the company's pressure, PV loop and telemetry systems empower medical discovery in life sciences, while its Mikro-Cath™ pressure catheter and the CD Leycom® Inca® PV loop system are used by physicians performing advanced cardiovascular diagnosis and medical research.

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