Mounting Panels accommodate solid-state relays.

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Mounting on standoffs or DIN rails, slim-line WR Series Panels accommodate 4, 8, 16, or 24 relays. Most feature edge connectors or 50-pin headers in addition to screw terminals or spade-lug terminals. Panels provide final electrical link between PC and SSRs that control real-world devices and can help make system neat and compact.

Original Press Release:

Save Space With New Slim-Line SSR Mounting Panels

The new CyberResearch(r) WR series of slim-line mounting panels for solid-state relays saves up to 30% of space, compared to panels for conventional full-size relays. WR series panels accommodate 4, 8, 16, or 24 relays and mount on standoffs or DIN rails. Most feature edge connectors or headers in addition to screw terminals.

Mounting panels provide the final electrical link between your PC and the solid-state relays (SSRs) that control real-world devices. They can help make your system neat and compact, or sprawling and ungainly. You get the tightest, most economical result if you choose a model that accommodates all the relays you presently need, plus a few extra slots for system expansion.

The key advantage of our WR series of mounting panels is that they save 30% to 60% of the space required by our standard-size (CY series) of panels. The limitation of the WR series is that it accommodates slim-line SSRs only.

WR series mounting panels come with standard screw terminals or spade-lug (barrier-strip) terminals. Most also have 50-pin headers and/or edge connectors. Both standoff and DIN-rail mounting styles are available.

In addition to solid-state relays and mounting panels - now shipping from stock - CyberResearch, Inc., also offers rugged panel-mount and rack-mount PCs, as well as CPU cards, monitors, data-acquisition, and motion-control systems. For more product information, call Joe Tetreault at 800-341-2525, or visit

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