Mounted Plane/Ball Bearings are available with stainless housings.

Press Release Summary:

Solution mounted plane and ball bearings are available with 304 production stainless steel housing and 304 or 316 machined stainless steel housing. Poly-Round® grease-less bearings, which do not have any rolling elements or require lubrication, can be rotated 180° after wear occurs to double operational life. Value and Classic stainless steel ball bearings are setscrew-locking, while Choice stainless steel ball bearings use eccentric self-locking collar.

Original Press Release:

EDT Adds Production Stainless Housings and Expands its Mounted Bearing Choices

EDT Corp, long recognized as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of bearings for severe service environments, has expanded its Solution mounted plane and ball bearings, adding production and machined stainless steel housing in a wide price range, with capabilities for applications in all areas of the process floor.

The expansion of the line, which first featured polymer housings paired with a choice of Poly-Round® plane bearings, allows end users to select not only the bearing but the housing that best suits their application. Two types of stainless steel housings round out the expanded lineup: a 304 production stainless steel housing with outstanding price-to-performance, and a 304 or 316 machined stainless steel housing designed for the highest levels of strength and sanitation. Between the Poly-Round® and ball bearings lines, customers can select from six different bearing types, six different housing styles, and three different housing materials.

EDT’s Poly-Round® bearings offer a number of advantages over standard ball bearings, particularly on straight-running sprocket-driven conveyors. Poly-Round® bearings have no rolling elements and are grease-less, requiring zero lubrication. This eliminates process contamination (particularly critical in food processing). Rust is also eliminated; Poly-Round® bearings are virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, after the bearing wears, it can be rotated 180º to double its useful life.

When an application requires a ball bearing (such as curved conveyors or high speeds or tension), customers can choose from Value, Choice or Classic ball bearings.  Unlike many manufacturers that use plastic cages, EDT’s stainless steel ball bearings are made of all metal detectable components, providing higher levels of food safety. The Value and Classic bearings are setscrew-locking, which yields the shortest length-thru bore. The Value series is an economical unit, suited for normal duty applications, while the Classic series offers longer life, with customizable seals, shields and lubrication configurations, and is designed for extreme duty applications. The Choice series of ball bearings uses an eccentric self-locking collar, which eliminates cracked inner rings associated with overtightening of setscrews. It is designed for normal to heavy duty applications.

For both the Poly-Round® and ball bearing lines, EDT has created easy-to-follow publications to help the end user walk through the selection process and pick the specific bearing and housing part number for their needs.

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About EDT Corp

EDT Corp is an American bearing manufacturer that specializes in bearings for all areas of the process floor, including severe service environments such as locations subjected to high or low temperature, wash down, process moisture, frequent start-stop or incomplete rotation, process contamination, and areas that are difficult to regularly maintain. EDT’s Solution® bearings, Radial Poly-Round® bearings, Poly-Round® and Poly-Sphere® inserts, The Glove®2 360° bearing protection, QuiKlean® integrated stand-off and KleanCap® screw are all products well-suited to extreme operating conditions. EDT Corp’s complete catalog, cost savings illustrations, literature and technical information can be found online at

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