Mould Cooling and Hydraulics New Additions to HASCO's Cooling Systems Program

New cooling hose

The current HASCO cooling system for air, water and oil has been supplemented by the following models:

o EPDM hose Z 852/..., especially for saturated steam and hot water, up to 15 bar and 165°C

o PTFE hose Z 856/1/ ..., smooth core in steel-braided sheath, up to 130 bar and 260°C

o PTFE hose Z 856/2/ ..., outside corrugated core in steel-braided sheath, up to 100 bar and 260°C.

In addition, HASCO is now also offering hose and fittings for the hydraulics segment:

o Hydraulic hose Z2720/..., NBR with two-layer steel braid, up to 400 bar and 100°C

o Hydraulic hose Z2721/..., HYSTREL with two-layer Kevlar, up to 400 bar and 90°C.

All hose models are available in lengths as per factory standard.

New cooling adapters

For the nominal diameters of DN 5, 9, 13 and 19 mm, adapters are available for different system diameters.

o Adapter Z 802 /... with valve.
For reducing and connecting different cooling system diameters, e.g. from 9 to 5, from 13 to 9 or from 19 to 13 mm.

o Adapter Z 830 /... with open flow.
For the simple extension of hoses, through shut-off couplings with and without valve, mountable on both sides.

Highly practical are the new marking clips Z 8081/... to Z 8084/... made of PA 6.6 for the machine setter.

Available in red and blue, these clips are simply clipped on the HASCO shut-off couplings e.g. Z 80/... or Z 807/... to mark the inlet and outlet of cooling systems. Properly positioned, they block the unintentional separation of the hose connection and thus prevent inadvertent loosening of the couplings. This prevents operators opening the valve by mistake.

In this simple way, the clips contribute to safety at work and at the same time mark the inlet and outlet in the cooling system. These inexpensive articles are available in packs of 20 for the standard diameters of 5, 9 and 13 mm.

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