MotorVac Releases Newest Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger - The TransTech IV

TORONTO, -- MotorVac recently announced the highly anticipated TransTech IV ATF exchanger is officially in production. The TransTech IV combines both Inline and Dipstick capabilities allowing for the two most common methods of ATF exchange from a single machine. With both inline and dipstick services together in one cabinet, TransTech IV occupies reduced floor space with minimal investment. It also allows shop owners to offer required transmission services to wider customer segment meaning better service to the customer and more revenue to the shop owner.

"While many Technicians prefer the inline exchange method, it's not always easy to access transmission cooler lines or safely remove corroded fittings" said MotorVac Product Manager, Brian Huk. "We needed to offer a convenient yet effective ATF exchange alternative. The dipstick option is what our customers requested. It's like getting two machines in one". The machine also allows the operator to perform a flush on the transmission cooler and cooler lines.

The user interface has been designed to allow any operator to feel comfortable using the machine for the first time. Every component has been carefully selected by the design team for optimum performance using patented technology for a more complete ATF exchange.

The TransTech IV includes adapter kits to fit most foreign and domestic vehicles. Specialty adapters are also available as optional accessories.

"There are other ATF exchangers on the market" said UView President, Tony Ferraro. "However, our technology remains at the forefront through our engineering philosophy of keeping it functional, reliable and simple to operate. I wouldn't want to use any other machine on my vehicle."

The TransTech IV will be available in early August 2010.

UView's products are "built by technicians for technicians"(TM).

With over 50 patents to its name, UView has a proven track record of developing exciting and innovative products designed to meet the needs of today's automotive operation.

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