Motorola XLT-400 Selected as an Outstanding ITS Network Component in a Survey of Public Traffic Engineers

HORSHAM, Pa., May 31, 2007 /- Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced that the Company's XLT-400 FastCopper Long-Reach Ethernet Switch was nominated as outstanding in the category of "ITS Network Component" in a survey conducted among traffic engineers at public agencies by The Urban Transportation Monitor, a trusted source for transportation industry news for over 20 years.

The Motorola XLT-400 system creates high-performance broadband networks from the ordinary signal interconnect cables used for low-speed control of traffic light controllers. The product allows cities to quickly deploy high-speed Ethernet networks for advanced traffic management applications without the cost and hassle of having to pull expensive new fiber cables.

XLT-based networks support the complete range of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) applications such as advanced traffic control systems, video traffic detection, video surveillance, traffic message signs, and muni Wi-Fi backhaul over a common network. Embedded quality of service support enables each application to have its own priority to meet its own bandwidth and latency requirements.

Respondents to the Monitor survey named the XLT-400 as one of nine outstanding traffic engineering products that have appeared on the market in the last three years.

One of the early adopters of the XLT product is the City of Santa Clarita in California. "We have deployed several XLT-402s as part of our citywide video detection program," said Cesar Romo, Senior Traffic Engineer for the City of Santa Clarita. "The 402s use our old ITC cable to create a broadband Ethernet network that spans 3 miles of copper infrastructure. Today we use the network to bring video from key intersections back to our Traffic Operations Center, but with the performance that we are getting from the XLTs we now have enough bandwidth to support additional ITS applications in the future."

"Thousands of transportation professionals from private and public sectors across the U.S. use The Monitor as their primary source of urban transportation information. We are very pleased to have our XLT-400 system nominated as an outstanding ITS component by public agency traffic engineers," said Greg Ioffe, General Manager, Private Broadband Networks, Motorola Home and Networks Mobility business. "As Santa Clarita has discovered, XLT can turn long-forgotten, existing copper infrastructure into a broadband IP network supporting numerous advanced applications for the benefit of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic."

The XLT system is based on an innovative application of VDSL technology across 2 pairs of wire to meet the need for high-speed symmetric networks. Supporting link speeds of up to 70 Mbps, XLT products can be configured in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or daisy-chain configurations to satisfy the particular geographic layout of traffic light networks. Advanced management and QoS features ensure quick installation and on-going support for multiple citywide applications.

The XLT system will be showcased in Booth 771 at ITS America's upcoming 2007 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Palm Springs, California June 4-6. At this Exposition, Motorola will also highlight their MOTODRIVE technology in Booth 304 and speak on several panels and forums concerning vehicle telematics and the VII (Vehicle Infrastructure Integration) initiative.

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