Motorola to Demonstrate Next-Generation AdvancedTCA Open Communications Server With 10Gbps Ethernet Switching Technology

10Gbps Ethernet Switching Extends Communications Servers Into High Bandwidth Data Plane Applications Including IPTV Transport, Video on Demand and Community Gaming

TEMPE, Ariz., May 31 / At GLOBALCOMM 2006, Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) will demonstrate the next generation of switching technology for standards-based open communications servers. Using switching technology developed by Broadcom®, Motorola will demonstrate a 10Gbps Ethernet AdvancedTCA® switching blade integrated into a Centellis(TM) 3600 Series communications server.

Offering a substantial increase in ATCA® switching capacity and backwards compatibility compared to currently deployed 1GbE systems, the demonstration shows the ability of Motorola's communications servers to scale according to application needs and continues the company's history of helping protect network equipment providers (NEPs) technology investments.

Complex network functions, such as those required by IPTV, require high-bandwidth throughput and internal traffic management, combined with sophisticated high-availability and protocol integration, as some of the basic elements of a solution. By integrating these technologies into an open communications server, Motorola will simplify the systems-integration complexity, enabling NEPs to take advantage of standards-based common platforms to deliver quality of service for IP data flows and storage/compute applications, typically found in the telecom access and aggregation layers.

"To help build a robust and reliable communications infrastructure, today's Ethernet switching technology must address the ever-present need for quality of service at a lower cost and reduced time-to-market, while providing new and innovative features," said Eric Hayes, Director of Marketing, for Broadcom's Enterprise Switching Line of Business. "For example, Broadcom's Ethernet switching solutions provide backwards-compatibility to currently deployed 1Gbps Ethernet systems, which is vital given the long deployment life of telecom systems. Furthermore, our traffic management capabilities are essential for many IP-based I/O and storage applications."

"Longevity of supply is an important feature of Motorola's open communications servers, so it is vital that we provide a smooth migration path for our customers as their application needs change," said Shlomo Pri-Tal, director, technology office, Embedded Communications Computing, Motorola. "Another example of our industry leadership in this area is working along with Broadcom to include support for traffic management, enabling Quality of Service for voice, video and data in next generation networks."

"Adding 10Gbps Ethernet switching -- designed with telecom in mind -- to our portfolio is key to extending the ability of ATCA to address a broad range of data plane applications. Network equipment providers will be able to deploy applications such as IPTV transport, Video on Demand and Community Gaming that require high bandwidth I/O or high bandwidth storage or a combination of the two on their standards-based common platforms built using Motorola's open communications servers," Pri-Tal continued.

In line with Motorola's strategy to enable NEPs to accelerate time-to-market, lower lifetime costs and focus on their core competencies the company is working to address other requirements, such as communications protocols, that simplify the systems integration task.

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