Motorized Cylinders perform pushing and pulling motion.

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EZ Limo Models EZC, EZHC, and EZHP utilize stepping motor with built-in feedback system. When mis-step is about to occur, motor performs closed-loop control for stable operation. Using rod driven by ball screw, cylinders offer speed range of 0.01-600 mm/s with max thrust of 45-400 N. Models EZHC and EZHP feature 0.01 mm resolution, strokes of 50-300 mm, and repetitive positioning accuracy of ±0.02 mm. Software-based smooth drive function suppresses vibration and noise.

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New EZ Limo EZC, EZHC & EZHP Motorized Cylinders

Torrance, CA - Oriental Motor USA Corp. introduces the new EZ Limo series of linear motion products. EZ Limo combines advanced step motor functionality and sophisticated motion control features into an easy to use linear motion product. EZ Limo utilizes an Oriental Motor stepping motor with built-in feedback system, when a misstep is about to occur, the motor performs closed-loop control, thereby ensuring stable operation. The motor, ball screw and feedback system are all housed in a compact, stylish body.

The EZC, EZHC and EZHP series of motorized cylinders provide pushing and pulling motion using a rod driven by the ball screw. The motorized cylinders have a speed range of 0.01 - 600 mm/s (0.0004 to 23.6 IPS) with a maximum thrust of 45 - 400 N (10.1 to 89.9 lbs-force). The EZHC and EZHP offer a 0.01 mm (0.4 mils) resolution, strokes of 50 - 300 mm (1.97 in. to 11.8 in.) with a repetitive positioning accuracy of ± 0.02 mm (0.8 mils). The EZHC and EZHP series use a software-based smooth drive function to suppress vibration and noise even during low-speed operation.

The optional teaching pendant (sold separately) provides real-time monitoring with information such as set operating data, current position and I/O status. The teaching pendant also allows remote teaching using the keys on the pendant to move the rod to a target position and then storing the data for that position.

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