Motor/Driver Package provides smooth, precise positioning.

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Available in 4 frame sizes of 24, 42, 60, and 85 nm, 5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages provide holding torque from 0.2-20 Nm, depending on type of motors with gear, brake, and shaft. Drivers are offered in ac, dc, normal drive, or microstep drive types. Drive voltage conversion function extends max speed limits.

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5 Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Package

Economic Alternatives for Servo
Autonics' new 5-phase stepping motor and driver packages guarantee the most cost efficient and outstanding motion controls and will be the best choice for replacing high cost Servo systems, which are usually over specified. Smooth and precise positioning is achieved by the high resolution microstep drive system and improved angle accuracy of motor. Motors have reliable speed-torque characteristics, and the drive voltage conversion function extends the maximum speed limits. Four frame sizes of 24, 42, 60 and 85mm are available, and holding torque is in range from 0.2 to 20 Nm depending on the type of motors with gear, brake and shaft. Drivers are available in AC, DC, normal drive or microstep drive types.

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