Motor Control IC offers 40 KHz PWM waveform generation.

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Model MC73110 compact, single-axis IC provides digital velocity and torque control of brushless DC motors. It offers software-programmable velocity and current loops; 6-step and sinusoidal commutation; analog or digital command input; profile generation; and digital current loop. Operating in internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode, or torque mode, IC can be operated standalone or via serial commands as programmable axis controller.

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IC Delivers Fast PWM Generation for Motor Control Applications

Lincoln, MA- Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD) announces the release of the MC73110 Motor Control IC with faster 40kHz PWM (pulse width modulated) waveform generation. This compact, single-axis IC provides advanced, fully-digital velocity and torque control of brushless DC motors. Using the MC73110, only a MOSFET or IGBT triple half-bridge is needed to create a complete intelligent motor controller.

The MC73110 operates in one of three modes: internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode with an external command signal, and torque mode with an external command signal. It provides software-programmable velocity and current loops, six-step and sinusoidal commutation, analog or digital command input, profile generation and digital current loop. It can be operated as a stand-alone intelligent motion IC, or via serial commands as a programmable axis controller. Additional functions of the MC73110 include PI current loop compensation, trajectory generation, commutation, velocity loop, encoder input, and Hall sensor input.

The MC73110 is ideal for low-cost brushless motor amplifiers. It can be used in applications such as medical automation, centrifuges, tape drives, machine tools, scientific instrumentation, semiconductor equipment, HVAC, pumps and compressors, and general automation. The new higher-speed PWM output is ideal for low inductance motors, and with applications that require high motor velocity or high acceleration.

The MC73110 is packaged in a 64-pin PQFP (plastic quad flat pack), and operates from 3.3 V. Prices start at $18.00 in OEM quantities.

"To satisfy the demand for greater motor efficiency and faster transfer times, there has been a growing trend toward low-inductance, high performance motors. Keeping these motors operating at peak efficiency requires sophisticated, high-speed controls, and dedicated motor control ICs provide exactly this capability. They are being used more and more in today's challenging motion control applications."

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