Motor and Drive offer efficiency better than NEMA Premium.

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With outputs from 20-200 hp, WMagnet Motor/Drive Packages offer efficiencies of 95-97%. Motors use rare earth permanent magnets in rotor to limit temperature rise during operation. Utilizing vector control technology algorithm, CFW-09 drive enables control without use of encoder/position sensor. As synchronous motor, WMagnet cannot be started directly from power supply because accurate synchronization of supply waveforms with rotor position is continuously required.

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Compact Permanent Magnet Motor and Drive Package Meet Highest Efficiency Levels

ATLANTA, Georgia, June 3, 2008 - WEG Electric Motors Corp.(, a leading global supplier of motors, drives, controls, transformers, and generators, now offers a family of WMagnet permanent magnet synchronous motors and specially developed CWF-09 variable speed drive frequency inverters. These new motors and drives with efficiency levels better than NEMA Premium(TM) (or EFF1 in Europe) deliver high energy savings for a range of applications, including elevators, conveyors, pumps, ventilation, and compressors.

"With outputs from 20 to 200 HP (15kW to 150kW), the cost competitive WMagnet motor/drives offer efficiencies of around 95% to 97%, low noise and vibration from a motor up to nearly 50% smaller, and they are 36% lighter than the equivalent induction motor," said Gerardo Elias, marketing manager at WEG."

WMagnet motors use rare earth permanent magnets in the rotor to limit temperature rise during operation, leading to high reliability and long working life. Cool running also lowers maintenance costs by prolonging the bearing lubrication interval. The WEG-developed WISE insulation system also provides extended life and reliability through enhanced specifications of all insulation materials.

The compact size of the WMagnet motors (between one and two frame sizes smaller than the equivalent power/torque ratio standard squirrel cage induction motor) derives from the low temperature rise feature, and the fan cooling system is therefore reduced in size.

"Significant noise reduction to under 73dB(A), -3dB(A) better than standard induction motors, means the WMagnet is ideal in applications within buildings or other sensitive areas," Elias noted, "and a forced ventilation kit is not required even for heavy loads."

For precision control and optimum energy efficiency with the WMagnet motor, the specially-configured CFW-09 drive uses WEG's unique vector control technology algorithm. This enables control without the use of an encoder / position sensor and, by reducing the number of components, helps improve reliability. As a synchronous motor, the WMagnet cannot be started directly from the power supply because accurate synchronization of the supply waveforms with the rotor position is continuously required.

Prices for WEG WMagnet motors and companion CFW-09 drives run approximately 30% over WEG NEMA Premium Motors. For more information on WMagnet motors and other WEG products, please visit or call 1-800-ASK- 4WEG.

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Founded in 1961, WEG has grown into a global solutions provider of industrial electrical technologies. WEG is the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the Americas and one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world producing over ten million units annually. Committed to growth on a global scale, WEG continually invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes, and the development of new and improved industrial electrical solutions. WEG offers a diverse and integrated product line that includes motors, drives, controls, transformers, and generators. WEG has committed to an R&D investment of 3% of annual, global sales.

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