Motion Feedback Card works with VME and cPCI hosts.

Press Release Summary:

Model SB-36410IX 8-channel synchro/resolver-to-digital COTS PMC card can be parallel-mounted onto host VME or compact PCI carrier. Built around company's 16-bit, monolithic RD-19230 converter, it offers programmable resolution and bandwidth. Each channel is accurate up to 1.3 arc minutes with resolutions from 10 to 16 bits. Features include internal reference synthesizer, built-in test and self-test, and incremental optical encoder emulation.

Original Press Release:

DDC Announces Industry's First Synchro/Resolver Motion Feedback PMC Interface Card for VME and Compact PCI Platforms

Bohemia. New York (February 25. 2002) -Data Device Corporation announces its newest motion feedback card: the SB-36410IX. This eight-channel synchro/resolver-to-digital COTS PMC card provides a low-cost approach that can be parallel-mounted onto a host VME or compact PCI carrier. The SB-36410IX is a flexible solution for a wide range of military and industrial control applications where accurate and rugged position feedback data is essential. The card is built around DDC's field-proven, 16-bit, monolithic RD-19230 converter.

"Right now we're the only ones I know of manufacturing a Synchro/Resolver PMC Interface card compatible with both VME and cPCI hosts." noted Jerry Kessler, Motion Feedback Technologies Product Marketing Manager at DDC. "The SB-36410IX packs a lot of function into a small area while enabling testers and designers to change platforms quite easily. Its programmable resolution and bandwidth adds further flexibility in terms of precision and dynamics over a wide range of applications." Each SB-36410IX channel is accurate up to 1.3 arc minutes with resolutions from 10 to 16 bits.

Thc SB-36410IX measures synchro and resolver signals with eight, fully independent synchro-to-digital or resolver-to-digital channels. The PMC lets designers combine multiple functions on one host card and into a single chassis slot. The SB-36410IX also offers a number of the same advantages as dedicated VME and cPCI cards, in addition to programmable resolution and bandwidth. These include an internal reference synthesizer which corrects inaccuracies caused by rotor-to-stator phase shift errors up to 45 degrees; built-in test and self-test simplify confidence checking and troubleshooting; and incremental optical encoder emulation-providing A quad B output and alleviating the need to alter subsystem electronics.

Prototype SB-36410IX cards are currently available. DDC will incorporate platform-specific graphical user interfaces by the time the card is in full production, in the second quarter of 2002. 1 to 9 pc budgetary price is $2500 each.

Data Device Corporation is an international leader in high-reliability data conversion interface components and subsystems for military and commercial applications. Established in 1964 with the introduction of the first synchro-to-digital module, DDC has design and manufacturing facilities in their Bohemia, New York headquarters and Cork, Ireland. For more information, contact Tom Knowles at 631-567-5600 ext. 7225, e-mail:, or connect to

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