Motion Controller offers fixed speed-scan movement control.

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Suited for control-and-scan instrument applications, Preprogrammed Scanning Controller, Model SR1000, instantly reaches optimal smoothness when acceleration starts from zero level. Single-axis unit features selectable functions such as 2 predefined running speeds that allow system to run rates of SLOW to HIGH and HIGH to SLOW, option to achieve S-curve acceleration rates, panel of control input terminals, idle center, and 3 intensity level buttons for ±SCAN and ±FAST SCAN.

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NYDEN Announces the Release of the SR1000:A Preprogrammed Scanning Controller for a Diversity of Control-and-Scan Instrument Applications

San Jose, CA-Nyden Corporation USA, the premier designer of innovative and high-reliability Stepper Motor and Control Technology, announced today the worldwide availability of its SR1000 Preprogrammed Scanning Controller, designed specifically with a slew of functions to easily guide users to scan and execute critical motion control profiles. The chief engineers at Nyden Corporation have designed this controller to implement superior preprogrammed scanning performance to businesses of all sizes seeking an inexpensive open-case motion controller capable of achieving accurate fixed speed-scan movement control, a feat primarily accomplished by more expensive and less compact logic controllers. Complimenting Nyden's family of highly popular NanoDrive(TM) Step Motor and Driver Series, which is the only motion control product line to reach a density level of 500,000 Steps-per-Revolution, the development of the SR1000 Scanning Controller is part of an ongoing movement to deliver the most efficient and versatile Motion Control tool to all points of design spectrums imperative within highly-advanced automation industries of OEMs and system integrators, such as: Material Handling, Aerospace, Semiconductor Processing, Wafer Fabrication, Food Processing/Handling, Robotics, Pick-and-Place, Woodworking, Inline Feeding and Conveyors/Turntables.

Conceptualized, designed and built from the ground up in the labs of Nyden to assure overall product excellence, the SR1000 Controller is very compact (3" x 2.25" x 0.75") for flexible positioning, and addresses an industry need for a multi-speed scanning controller that will instantly reach optimal smoothness when acceleration starts from zero level. The deceleration function is also preprogrammed to allow users to return to zero speed with the same high accuracy and smoothness. This scanning capability provides designers and motion control enthusiasts worldwide with unparalleled levels of quality performance expected by Nyden Corporation as a quality namesake associated with advanced motion control technology. Furthermore, the unit was designed for users to operate without the problematical need to program special software or learn a particular language protocol.

The single axis controller features selectable functions such as: two (2) predefined running speeds that allow the system to run rates of SLOW to HIGH and HIGH to SLOW, an option to achieve S-curve acceleration rates, a panel of control input terminals, an idle center and three (3) onboard intensity level buttons for ±SCAN and ±FAST SCAN. In addition, opto-coupler isolated inputs/outputs, two (2) position limit switch inputs, disable outputs and CW/CCL pulse train outputs yield optimal flexibility to even the most novice automated equipment builder and engineer. The user-friendly SR1000 also comes complete with connector pin assignments (for simplified power input, motor drive, limit sensor and control button connections), onboard LED power indicators and an internal power supply.

Learning to operate the SR1000 is supported by Nyden's technical support engineering department; however, controller setup is made easy by its Logic Control program, described within an attached manual that is also written by Nyden's technical support engineering department. Simple function keys include UP, DOWN, FAST, ON, OFF, YES and NO. Position limit is set at 170mm (66930 pulses, 0.1" revolution cycle). The system can also be programmed to find Home Position. When related inputs, such as the UP and DOWN buttons, are selected, the controller will consistently send pulse train output signals via CW and CCW output terminals. When user elects to turn off the FAST option, the SR1000 will immediately reduce the output pulse frequency down to the preset minimum frequency (despite the UP/DOWN feature still being powered on). Furthermore, when the UP and DOWN switches are released, the controller will automatically stop the pulse train output regardless of the FAST option being set on ON or OFF. Overall, the SR1000 is designed to be very user-friendly and carry out simple preprogrammed scanning processes while defining pulse generation movements stemming from a connected Step Motor (of variable NEMA sizes) and Driver.

NYDEN CORPORATION, located in San Jose, California, is the R&D and sales headquarters for MYCOM, INC., of Kyoto, Japan. The company's unique approach to customer service success is achieved by the support of thousands of engineers and end-users worldwide. A multi-million dollar company, NYDEN is proud to carry MYCOM's patented 5-Phase STAR Driver Stepping Systems, a series of low-cost 5-Phase stepper motors and drivers that offer increased true resolution with virtually no low speed resonance problems. The company is also the first to design the world's highest Nano-type 5-Phase and 2-Phase Stepper Series. The NanoDrive(TM) offers users true resolution of over 500,000 steps per revolution for the highest accuracy and lowest vibration possible. NYDEN CORPORATION supplies a new generation of motion control systems geared for every type of application. We carry stepper motors with matching drivers, customized multi-axis controllers for steppers and digital servos, motion controller cards, and a variety of motion-related accessories.

For a copy of NYDEN's full color motion control engineer's guide, contact Mr. Roger O'Tate Sullivan or Ms. Clara S. Kahnn at 408-232-7700, or for more information, please look us up at

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