Motion Controller monitors multiple axes over network.

Press Release Summary:

Maestro Multi-Axis Motion Supervisor provides synchronized motion control, interpolated 2D/3D, as well as sequencer controlling event handling of axis and I/O as CANopen master. It operates as Ethernet-CAN gateway, delivering direct access to axis level for setup, real-time monitoring, and analysis. Network-based tool comes with single or dual CANopen ports for control of up to 126 axes and 2-16 axes of interpolated motion per CAN bus port.

Original Press Release:

Elmo Motion Control Provides Multi-Axis Network Solution

Westford, MA - Elmo Motion Control, Inc. announces the introduction of a network-based Multi-Axis Motion Supervisor, Maestro. This addition in Elmo's product portfolio enables them to be a motion control solution supplier.

The Maestro is a Multi-Axis Motion Supervisor provides for synchronized motion control, interpolated 2D / 3D, as well as a sequencer controlling event handling of axis an I/O as a CANopen master. As a CANopen master, the Maestro offers network management (NMT) and clock synchronization for superior performance.

The Maestro operates as an Ethernet-CAN gateway. Connectivity to a host PC or machine PLC gives you direct access to the axis level for setup, monitoring and general analysis. Monitoring an application through a web browser is real.

The Maestro operates as a multi-axis analysis and development tool. File administration, axis recording and application development are is made easy with the use of the new Composer software tool.

The Maestro is available with either a single or dual CANopen ports that allows control of up to 126 axes and 2-16 axis of interpolated motion per CAN bus port. The Maestro software tools, which are included with the unit, provide all the necessary attributes to the product for ease of implementation and connectivity.

All the benefits offered with the Maestro provided a compelling and cost effective solution over the traditions multi-axis control solutions available till now.

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