Motion Controller features dual processors.

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Suited for use with brushed, brushless, and stepper motor drives, 4-axis stand-alone Model TA600 provides point-to-point, trapezoidal, S-curve, and custom profiling; linear interpolation; position velocity time profiling; electronic gearing; and analog feedback profiling. Measuring 1.5 x 8.1 x 7.4 in., panel-mounted controller is designed for use with 24-28 Vdc supply at 0.5-6 A. Applications include gantry robots, pick-and-place, assembly, inspection, and automation.

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New, Motion Controller Features Dual Processors for Optimum Reliability and Performance of Motion Systems!

San Luis Obispo, CA - Trust Automation has introduced the innovative TA600 4-axis stand-alone Motion Controller for use with brushed, brushless, and stepper motor drives. The TA600 controller optimizes the performance and reliability of motion systems through the use of dual processors. For application program execution, host communication and general I/O controls, a high speed microcontroller is used. For the motion specific tasks, a DSP processor is used. This allows each processor to operate in its area of greatest reliability and highest performance.

Fully C language programmable, the default TA600 firmware uses an application proven, 3 letter command set, user programmable macros, programmable Enable, Fault, Home, and Limit levels. It also features an integrated Emergency Stop circuit for active or passive control of the complete system's safety features. The TA600 controller is ideal for: Gantry robots, pick-and place, assembly, inspection, automation, laser & water cutting, and medical applications such as surgical robots.

The TA600 controller features: Point-to-point, Trapezoidal, S-curve, and custom profiling; Linear Interpolation; Position Velocity Time profiling; Electronic gearing; and Analog Feedback profiling, as well as Fast Event capturing inputs for the greatest degree of control possible. Optional dual Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs, two per axis) provides for sinusoidal commutation of motors resulting in very smooth motion, especially when used with high performance brushless linear motors. Additionally, sinusoidal commutation of stepper motors results in performance similar to brushless rotary motors.

The one to four axis TA600 controller is able to integrate brush and brushless servo drives, and stepper drives for conventional and linear motors. For fast linear motor axes that require fast settling times a very fast 50 µ sec. servo update rate is incorporated. Three PID with feedforward tuning filters for each axis make standing, moving and stopping stability easy to achieve. Dual bi-quad filters for each axis make taming bad system harmonics possible. Feedback from incremental encoders, Hall magnetic sensors, and/or 14 bit analog feedback from a single or dual loop system is handled seamlessly.

Compact, measuring just 1.5 in. wide (38.1 mm) X 8.1 in. high (205.7 mm) X 7.4 in. deep ( 188.0 mm), and weighing just 2 lbs (0.9 kg) the TA600 controller is designed for use with a 24 to 28 VDC supply at 0.5 to 6 Amps (fused) and panel mounting.

Trust Automation's motion control products include: Stand-alone motion and machine controllers, SynqNet I/O and SynqNet Drives, Brushed and Brushless Rotary Motors, Interconnect Products and Automation Engineering consulting covering Mechanical, Electrical, Software and System aspects of machine design. Since 1990 Trust Automation has provided Smart Solutions in Motion Control and Affordable Customization of motion related products.

For additional information contact Dave Rennie at Trust Automation, 205 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401; Tel: 805-544-0761, Fax: 805-544-4621, E-Mail: or visit the Web site at

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