Motion Control Firmware works with robotic movers.

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CROS 3.1 motion control firmware includes intelligent motion planning algorithms and error handling capabilities. Features include POLARA(TM) open architecture laboratory automation software, error recovery commands, and seamless upgrades. Scalable and flexible platform is provided for automating research processes.

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New Motion Control Firmware Dramatically Improves Automation Throughput

New Motion Control Firmware Dramatically Improves Automation

Burlington, Ontario (Octobcr 23, 2001) - CRS Robotics Corporation (TSE: ROB) announced today the release of new motion control firmware for its family of robotic movers. CROS 3.1 dramatically improves application efficiency and throughput with new commands, intelligent motion planning algorithms, and superior error handling capabilities.

The new features offered by CROS 3.1 specifically target the needs of laboratory automation customers. "In many automated life science applications, the bottleneck comes down to moving plates as fast as possible between instruments," explained Dr. Hansjorg Haas, Senior Vice President of Sales. "CROS 3.1 lets us achieve higher throughputs with POLARATm systcms, getting results faster for our customers in the drug discovery, genomics, and proteomics niarkets." POLARATm is CRS's innovative, open architecture laboratory automation software that provides customers with a flexiblc, scalable platform for automating research processes.

"On a typical, standalone POLARATM system," said Dr. Roger Ilertz, Director of Research and Development, "upgrading to CROS 3.1 reduced container store and retrieve times by an average of 40 per cent, with no adjustments to the default robot settings."

The new motion control software in CROS 3.1 also provides more sophisticated container handling. "As speed increases," said Dr. H4ertz, "CROS 3.1 fine-tunes the rate of acceleration to maintain smooth control. For POLARATM systems, this enables fast motion without spilling container contents."

New crror recovery commands in CROS 3.1 make it easy for application developers to integrate sophisticated error handling that reduces or eliminates the need for opeTator intervention during long runs. CRS also provides customeTs a seamless way to upgrade their motion control firmware to CROS 3.1, thus giving customers a productivity increase of 40% or more Technical details on the new features of CROS 3.1 are available in the CRS Robotics white paper, "Introducing CROS 3. 1".

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