Motion Card provides multi-axis and multi-motor control.

Press Release Summary:

Prodigy(TM)-PC/104 use high density logic circuitry to offer advanced motion control functions programmed in C/C++ or Visual Basic language for dc brush, brushless dc, step, and microstepping motors. It features servo loop rates to 50 µsec/Axis, 8 Mcount/sec quadrature encoder input rate, and pulse and direction output to 5 Mpulses/sec. Motion control features include trajectory generation, motor output signal generation, performance trace, on-the-fly changes, and commutation.

Original Press Release:

New Motion Card Delivers High-Performance at Reduced Cost

Cost-engineered Prodigy(TM)-PC/104 from PMD provides board level, multi-axis motion control for DC brush, brushless DC, step, and microstepping motors.

Lincoln, MA - Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD) introduces the NEW Prodigy(TM)-PC/104 Motion Card for multi-axis, multi-motor control. Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis versions, the Prodigy card provides advanced motion control features including trajectory generation, servo loop closure, quadrature signal input, motor output signal generation, performance trace, on-the-fly changes, commutation, and much more. Motor type can be software-selected on a per-axis basis, and includes DC brush, brushless DC, step, and microstepping. The card communicates via a PC/104 bus, CANbus or serial port.

Prodigy-PC/104 is the first release of the new Prodigy Family of Motion Cards, designed with PMD's advanced Magellan(TM) Motion Processor. These cards utilize high density logic circuitry to provide cost-effective, advanced motion control functions programmed in C/C++ or Visual Basic language. Card features include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, electronic gearing, and user-generated profile modes. The card accepts input parameters such as position, velocity, acceleration, and jerk from the host, and generates a corresponding trajectory. Instantaneous on-the-fly changes can be sent by the user, and external signal inputs can be used to program automatic profile changes.

Prodigy-PC/104 provides servo loop rates of up to 50 ìSec/Axis, 8 Mcount/Sec quadrature encoder input rate, high-speed motion trace for servo tuning diagnostics (with 40 KB onboard dual-port memory), and pulse & direction output of up to 5 Mpulses/Sec. Additional features include limit switch input, high speed position capture, dual loop encoder input, 6-step and sinusoidal commutation, PID filter with feedforward and dual biquad filters, incremental and parallel encoder input, 8 general purpose digital inputs and outputs, and 8 10-bit general purpose analog inputs.

Chuck Lewin, President and CEO of PMD comments; "The price/performance bar for OEM motion controllers is constantly improving. Features that were once in the exclusive realm of exotic, high cost applications are now widely available in low-cost, easy-to-use products. Equally important, support software such as PMD's Pro-Motion(TM) provides the capabilities that engineers need to build high quality products, such as performance trace, auto-tuning, and configuration storage."

Prodigy-PC/104 is available now. Prices start at $380.00 in OEM quantities.

James H. Bailey
Marketing Manager
Performance Motion Devices
781.674.9860 ext. 223

Performance Motion Devices Inc. (PMD) is a world leader in motion-control chips, cards, and modules. PMD provides a full range of high-performance single and multi-axis motion control products for DC brush, brushless DC, and step motors.

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