Most Sustainable, Commercial Lighting Now Available through US Lighting Tech

LONG BEACH, Calif., Dec. 13 -- US Lighting Tech, a manufacturer of commercial lighting products, is marketing induction lighting, the most environmentally friendly lighting solution, for businesses and municipalities that want to reduce costs and carbon emissions while improving quality and safety.

Induction systems use wireless technology to produce light, which results in an unprecedented rated life of 10 years. This is five times longer than common, high intensity discharge (HID) lighting that uses electrodes that degrade significantly over time. A longer rated life means less replacement maintenance and fewer lamps discarded into landfills. Induction lights also use approximately 40 percent less energy than HID lights that lose energy to heat, resulting in higher energy costs and emissions.

"Rising energy prices and climate change concerns are driving demand for more energy efficient technologies. We are revolutionizing the lighting industry by providing an eco-friendly solution for one of society's most fundamental needs," said Richard Ham, president of US Lighting Tech.

Induction lighting is ideal for hard-to-reach, hazardous places such as tunnels and warehouses where reliability and functionality is key and maintenance is labor intensive. US Lighting Tech estimates that by replacing 10,000 70W High Pressure Sodium lights with 10,000 40W induction lights, a customer can save approximately $3.5M over 10 years in energy and maintenance costs. That translates into reductions totaling 20 million pounds of carbon emissions or taking 2,700 cars off the road annually.

The lights also have a high color-rendering index (CRI) that allows colors to be accurately reflected in a more natural light. This is a critical public safety benefit in high-risk areas such as parking lots where quick vehicle identification and detailed surveillance camera images can help reduce and fight crime.

Lighting accounts for nearly 25 percent of global and nearly half of a building's energy use. While induction lighting has a higher upfront cost than competing technologies, it is cost competitive over time due to re-lamping, maintenance and energy savings.

US Lighting Tech offers seven types of systems backed by 10-year warranties:

o Tesla(TM) Ridgeline Highbay: ideal for warehouses and retail
o Tesla(TM) Empire Linear Highbay: ideal for high ceiling warehouses and
o Tesla(TM) Endura Canopy: ideal for multi level parking garages and
o Tesla(TM) Diamond Wall Pack: ideal for building exteriors
o Tesla(TM) Parker Area Lighting: ideal for parking lots
o Tesla(TM) Cobra Street Lighting: ideal for streets
o Tesla(TM) Daytona Tunnel Lighting: ideal for tunnels and bridges

About US Lighting Tech

US Lighting Tech manufacturers and markets induction lighting in an environmentally friendly lighting package. The company was founded to revolutionize the lighting industry by helping customers save energy, time and money and adopt a sustainable technology for lighting. For more information, please visit

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