MOSFETs suit automotive applications.

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PowerTrench® N-Channel, 30 V MOSFETs, Models FDD044AN03L, FDU044AN03L, FDD068AN03L, and FDU068AN03L are offered in D-PAK and I-PAK packaging for surface or through-hole mount designs. At 3.9 mOhms max, Models FDD044AN03L and FDU044AN03L offer lowest RDS(on) at 30 V available in TO-252 and TO-251 packages, respectively. All four are qualified to AEC-Q101 standard. Applications include motor control for ABS, windshield wipers, HVAC fans, seat positioning, and window lifts.

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Fairchild Semiconductor's New AEC-Q101 Qualified 30V MOSFETs for Automotive Applications Offer Lowest RDS(on) Available in D-PAK/I-PAK Packaging

San Jose, Calif.-January 27, 2004-Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) introduces four 30V, N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFETs that deliver high efficiency and excellent ruggedness in a small footprint package, meeting the requirements for today's challenging, space-sensitive automotive applications. The new FDD044AN03L, FDU044AN03L, FDD068AN03L, and FDU068AN03L are available in both D-PAK and I-PAK packaging options for surface or through hole mount designs. With increased power density and a smaller footprint at 3.9 milliohms max (VGS = 10V), the FDD044AN03L and FDU044AN03L offer the lowest RDS(on) at 30V available in TO-252 (D-PAK) and TO-251 (I-PAK) packages, respectively. All four parts are qualified to the AEC-Q101 standard, a reliability test qualification procedure for discrete semiconductors published by the Automotive Electronics Council. By meeting this important qualification standard, automotive and high reliability industrial customers are assured of an "off the shelf' product solution that eliminates the need for additional qualification testing. Typical applications for these devices include motor control for anti-lock braking systems (ABS), windshield wipers, HVAC fans, seat positioning, and window lifts.

The FDD044AN03L, FDU044AN03L, FDD068AN03L, and FDU068AN03L feature improved reverse recovery time (trr) and reverse recovery charge (QRR) to reduce switching noise, which results in fewer losses attributable to the intrinsic body diode, and lowers EMI and RFI. In addition to motor control, these products can be used in a variety of body load control applications.

"These new 30V MOSFETs are remarkable for achieving an RDS(on) as low as 3.9 mohms in a package as small as the D-PAK," said Steve Ahrens, Fairchild's marketing director for Discrete Automotive Products. "In addition to helping our customers meet increasingly space-sensitive requirements for their automotive electronics solutions, these products deliver high performance by providing low on-resistance and outstanding ruggedness in motor control applications."

In addition to the FDD044AN03L, FDU044AN03L, FDDO68AN03L, and FDU068AN03L MOSFETs, Fairchild provides solutions for automotive applications that include IGBTs, rectifiers, photosensors, and infrared switches.


FDD044AN03L (D-PAK) US$ 1.36 each (1,000 pcs.)

FDU044AN03L (I-PAK) US$ 1.36 each (1,000 pcs.)

FDD068AN03L (D-PAK) US $0.93 each (1,000 pcs.)

FDU068AN03L (I-PAK) US$ 0.93 each (1,000 pcs.)

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Delivery: 8 weeks ARO

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Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) is a leading global supplier of high performance products for multiple end markets. With a focus on developing leading edge power and interface solutions to enable the electronics of today and tomorrow, Fairchild's components are used in computing, communications, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. Fairchild's 10,000 employees design, manufacture and market power, analog & mixed signal, interface, logic, and optoelectronics products from its headquarters in South Portland, Maine, USA and numerous locations around the world. Please contact us on the web at

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