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Power MOS 7 FREDFETs are MOSFETs that feature intrinsic diodes optimized for fast reverse recovery time and improved commutating dv/dt capability. They have low gate charge and internal chip gate resistance for fast switching speeds and reduced switching losses. Applications include half-bridge and full-bridge converters or other circuits in which MOSFET's intrinsic diode is called on to conduct.

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Bend, OR - Advanced Power Technology (NASDAQ: APTI) expands its recently introduced Power MOS 7 product line to include FREDFETs - MOSFETs with the intrinsic diode optimized for low reverse recovery charge (fast reverse recovery time) and improved commutating dv/dt capability. The result is an extremely fast, cool running MOSFET whose intrinsic diode enables higher efficiency converters. FEATURES AND BENEFITS * Low gate charge and internal chip gate resistance for faster switching speeds and reduced switching losses * Low RDS(On) for extremely low conduction losses * Low thermal resistance and increased power dissipation rating for higher current handling capability * Low intrinsic diode reverse recovery charge for reduced losses and increased dv/dt ruggedness GREATER SPEED, LOWER LOSSES, HIGHER CURRENT AND POWER Greater switching speeds can be realized by virtue of the low total gate charge (Qg) and low interterminal capacitances in Power MOS 7 FREDFETs. Lower conduction losses are achieved thanks to reduced on-resistance (RDS(On)). Increased power dissipation rating (PD) and current handling capability (ID) are made possible by reduced thermal resistance. Compared to the previous generations of APT's FREDFETs, Power MOS 7 FREDFETs offer up to 60% lower total gate charge (Qg), up to 30% reduction in on-resistance (RDS(On)) and increased current and power density. Overall these new devices offer an extremely low combined power loss Figure of Merit, RDS(On) X Qg enabling smaller, more efficient, and more reliable power conversion. As with all APT MOSFETs, Power MOS 7 FREDFETs are fabricated with APT's patented metal on polysilicon gate structure for an internal chip gate resistance that is one to two orders of magnitude lower than comparable industry standard polysilicon gate devices. This excellent gate structure enhances switching speed and reduces the possibility of dv/dt induced turn-on. FAST INTRINSIC DIODE In addition, because the Power MOS 7 FREDFET intrinsic diode is optimized for lower reverse recovery charge, applications that require it to conduct forward current will incur lower power losses and will enjoy greater ruggedness in the presence of high commutating dv/dt. APPLICATIONS Applications for Power MOS 7 FREDFETs include some half-bridge converters and full-bridge converters, or any other circuit in which the MOSFET's intrinsic diode is called on to conduct. Power supply designers can now use these extremely low-loss FREDFETs to improve cost, power density, and efficiency of their designs. DATA SHEETS Preliminary data sheets are available to assist the designer describing the features and benefits of the new high power, high voltage, low loss FREDFETs. These may be downloaded from APT's website at or obtained from the factory. AVAILABILITY This new family of FREDFETs is available with voltage ratings from 100 through 1000 volts. Packages include TO-247, D3, T-MAX, TO-264, New 264 MAX and SOT-227. Samples are available now and production volume planned for 1Q02. Consult factory or sales representative for pricing. About Advanced Power Technology With operations in Bend, Oregon and Bordeaux, France, APT is a leading supplier of high voltage, high power, high efficiency MOSFETs, RF MOSFETs, IGBTs, Ultra-Fast Recovery and Schottky Diodes, and Application Specific Power Modules (ASPM) for RF, Linear, and Switchmode applications.

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