MOSFETs have plastic encapsulated housing.

Press Release Summary:

ISOPLUS 227 package is mechanically interchangeable with SOT-227B package. It uses direct-copper-bonded alumina substrate to reduce weight while maintaining same isolation voltage and thermal fatigue capability of latter package. Products range from IXFE180N10 176A/100V rated MOSFET to IXFE36N100 33A/1000V MOSFET, to buck and boost configured IXFE48N50QD2 and IXFE48N50QD3 units. Both of these contain 41 A/500V MOSFET with very low gate charge.

Original Press Release:

IXYS Debus New ISOPLUS227 Power Package

ISOPLUS227 Package Is Lower Cost Alternative to SOT-227B Package

Santa Clara, CA. May 6, 2002. IXYS Semiconductor, a leader in power semiconductors for power conversion and motion control applications, announced today the first high current MOSFET products housed in this new, low cost, plastic encapsulated housing. The new ISOPLUS227 package, which is mechanically interchangeable with the SOT-227B package, uses a Direct-Copper-Bonded alumina substrate to reduce cost and weight while maintaining the same isolation voltage and thermal fatigue capability of the latter package. The current MOSFET product offerings range from the IXFE180N10, a 176A/100V rated MOSFET to the IXFE36N100, a 33A/1000V MOSFET to the buck and boost
configured IXFE48N50QD2 and IXFE48N50QD3. Both of these contain a 41 A/500V MOSFET with very low gate charge in which an ultrafast diode with equal current ratings has been connected either to the drain in the boost configuration or to the source in the buck configuration.

Applications for these power MOSFETs include high power, switch mode power supplies, UPS, brushless DC motor controls, battery chargers for Telecom, welding, and low voltage electric vehicles.

Present product offering and 1K pricing follows:
Part Number VDSS ID(25) RDS(on) 1K Price
IXFE180N10 100V 176A 0.008 ohm $17.80
IXFE73N30Q 300V 66A 0.042 ohm $18.40
IXFE48N50Q 500V 41A 0.11 ohm $18.20
IXFE48N50QD2 500V 41A 0.11 ohm $19.70
IXFE48N50QD3 500V 41A 0.11 ohm $19.70
IXFE55N50 500V 52A 0.085 ohm $18.70
IXFE44N60 600V 41A 0.13 ohm $20.40
IXFE39N100 900V 34A 0.22 ohm $20.40
IXFE24N100 1000V 22A 0.39 ohm $21.60
IXFE36N100 1000V 33A 0.24 ohm $29.90

All parts are in sample inventory and lead times for production orders are 8-12 weeks ARO.

For further information, contact your local authorized IXYS distributor or sales representative or IXYS Corporation at 408-982-0700, via fax at 408-496-0670, e-mail at or visit us at our web site

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