MOSFETs feature electrically isolated mounting.

Press Release Summary:

IXUC100N055, IXUC200N055 and IXUC160N075 Trench Power MOSEFETs possess high current ratings of 100, 200 and 160 A, respectively. IXUC100N055 and the IXUC200N055 are rated at VDS (Drain Source Voltage) equal to 55V, while
IXUC160N075 has VDS rating of 75V. All are housed in hole-less packages that conform to TO-220 outline. Frame is direct-copper-bonded alumina with 2500V isolation. Maximum operating junction temperature rating is 175°C.

Original Press Release:

IXYS Introduces Trench Power MOSFETs in ISOPLUS220(TM)

Trench Power MOSFETs Housed in a New ISOPLUS220(TM) Package Featuring Ultra-low RDs(On) and Electrically Isolated Mounting

Santa Clara, CA, December 13, 2001...IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: SYXI), a leading supplier of power semiconductors for power conversion and motion control applications, has introduced three new Trench Power MOSFETs for low voltage/high current applications. The IXUC100N055, IXUC200N055 and IXUC160N075 possess very high current ratings of 100 A, 200 A and 160 A respectively. The IXUC100N055 and the IXUC200N055 are rated at VDS (Drain Source Voltage) equal to 55 volts while the
IXUC160N075 has a VDS rating of 75 Volts. All these devices are housed in a new "hole-less" package that conforms to the TO-220 outline with an electrically isolated mounting tab. In this ISOPLUS220(TM) housing, the standard copper lead frame has been replaced by Direct-Copper-Bonded (DCB) alumina. The elimination of the screw hole makes room for larger Trench Power MOSFET dice, which can carry higher current than possible using the regular TO-220 package. Resultant benefits are: 2500 Volts (rms) isolation, lower temperature rise, better power cycling and smaller size. Maximum operating junction temperature rating is 175°C. UL recognition is pending.

The 75V IXUC160N075 MOSFET features include a very low RDS(on) of 6.5 mnilliOhms and a QG(on) of 250 nC. Likewise the 55V IXUC100N055 and IXUC200N055 have RDS(on) of 7.7 and 4 milliOhms and QG(on) of l00nC and 200nC respectively. All three MOSFETs will find use in high power DC to DC converters, battery back-up UPS Systems, future automobiles with 42V batteries, telecommunication systems, motion controls, high power DC to DC converters, DC motor controls, heaters, inverters for AC motors, solar powered inverters, battery chargers, etc. wherein very high frequency switching can be employed with the lowest ever conduction and switching losses.

Unit pricing at the 1000 piece quantity level is:
Part Number Price
IXUC100N055 $ 3.49
IXUC200N055 $ 5.70
IXUC160N075 $ 6.40

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