MOSFETs feature BGA packaging.

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MOSFETs include single and common-drain dual devices in both N-channel and P-channel versions. They have breakdown voltage ratings from 20V to 30V, maximum RDS(on) ratings from 75 milliohms to 2.9 milliohms, and are gate-drive voltage specified, as low as 2.5V. Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging reduces overall profile of circuit board with 0.76 mm maximum mounted height.

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San Jose, Calif-March 15, 2002-Enhancing its portfolio of innovative, industry-leading performance-to-footprint ratio BGA (Ball Grid Array) packaged MOSFETs, Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) recently introduced a total of eleven new MOSFETs. These include single and common-drain dual devices in both N-channel, and P-channel versions. The new parts have breakdown voltage ratings from 20V to 30V, maximum RDs(on) ratings from 75 milliohms to 2.9 milliohms, and are gate-drive voltage specified, as low as 2.5V. The single P-channel products are targeted at a variety of load management applications, while the single N-channel MOSFETs are ideal for DC/DC converter applications as well as load management applications. The dual MOSFET devices are perfectly suited for Li-ion battery pack applications. Fairchild, the first manufacturer of BGA-packaged MOSFETs, has been in full production of BGA products since mid-2001. Addition of these new products further extends Fairchild's high-volume capabilities, and broadens its range of end-market applications.

"Fairchild has shipped over two million BGA products to date," said Jingo Sarkis, Director of Marketing for the Communications Market Segment, Fairchild Discrete Power Technologies Group. According to Sarkis, BGA-packaged MOSFETs are preferred in a wide range of applications because they offer a low profile, small package footprint, low interconnect resistance, and low package inductance. He explained, "The dramatically lower RDS(on), small footprint, and low height of our BGAs give designers the ability to improve efficiency with lower system costs, save valuable board space, and reduce the profile of their end product. Another substantial improvement in these packages is the ability to provide the same junction-to-ambient thermal resistance using BGA-packaged MOSFETs. For instance, the 2.5 x 2.0mm package is equivalent to the conventional SO-8 (6.2 x 5.0 mm) surface-mount package."

Fairchild's BGA packaging offers significant size and performance benefits over traditional leaded packaging devices.
BGA MOSFETs can dramatically reduce the overall profile of the circuit board with a 0.76mm maximum mounted height, while achieving very low RDS(on). Additionally, BGA packages consume much less board area than equivalent leaded packages, yet have lower profiles than TSSOP-8, Micro8, and SO-8 packages. This advanced packaging allows for topside heat sinking to further improve the package current density.

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