MOSFET features 7.5 nC Miller charge.

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Model FDS3572 is an 80 V N-channel MOSFET in SO-8 packaging for fast switching. It features low RDS(on) of 16 milliohms, total gate charge of 31 nC at VGS=10 V, and QRR of 70 nC for low reverse recovery losses. Unit is suited for pre-regulated, full- or half-bridge dc/dc converter circuit applications. Device can also be used as synchronous rectifier to replace higher voltage Schottky rectifiers in secondary-side of dc/dc converter for output voltages from 5-52 V.

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Fairchild Semiconductor's 80 V MOSFET Boasts 38% Lower Miller Charge, 33% Lower FOM; Delivers Improved System Efficiency in DC/DC Converter Power Supply Designs

Advanced MOSFET technology combines excellent performance parameters in SO-8 packaging for an extremely fast-switching, robust, efficient and small footprint solution

San Jose, Calif.- December 10, 2004-Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) today announces the FDS3572, an 80 V N-channel MOSFET in SO-8 packaging with combined performance benefits that provide excellent overall system efficiencies in both primary-side DC/DC converter and secondary-side synchronous rectifier switching power supply designs. The FDS3572 boasts a 7.5 nC Miller charge (Qgd) that is 38% lower than products with similar RDS(on) ratings. This low Miller charge combined with the device's low RDS(on) (16 milliohms) adds up to a Figure of Merit (FOM= RDS(on) x Qgd) of 120--33% lower than the closest competitor. This device also features best-in-class total gate charge (31 nC, at VGS = 10 V) for low power loss, a low QRR (70 nC) for lower reverse recovery losses and high avalanche energy capability (EAS = 515 mJ) for robust performance. These many product attributes, together in one low-profile package, make the FDS3572 ideal for today's increasingly demanding power supply designs.

The FDS3572 switch is well suited for pre-regulated, high-density isolated full- or half-bridge DC/DC converter circuit applications. This product is ideal for primary-side applications such as low voltage telecom power supplies, DC/DC converters, networking and data communications power supplies, servers and VRMs (voltage regulator module) adopting the latest bus converter topologies supporting Intermediate Bus Architectures (IBA). In these applications, where frequencies upwards of 250 KHz are common, the FDS3572's very low Miller charge enables fast switching, thereby reducing dynamic losses, while its very low gate charge increases system efficiency by reducing power losses in the driver/PWM controller IC.

This advanced device can also be used as a synchronous rectifier to replace traditional higher voltage Schottky rectifiers in the secondary-side of a DC/DC converter for output voltages from 5 V to 52 V. Typical products include networking and data communications DC/DC converters and external AC/DC notebook adapters. The FDS3572's impressive RDS(on) keeps conduction losses in check and increases power density in AC/DC notebook adapters. This improved power density is especially critical since processor power requirements are becoming more demanding as more multimedia functions are integrated into portable product platforms. Synchronous rectification applications also benefit from the FDS3572's robust avalanche capability and low-profile packaging.

"Today's DC/DC converter designers strive to pack as much power as possible into increasingly smaller spaces without exceeding their thermal budget," said David Grey, Fairchild's technical marketing manager. "The FDS3572 meets their demands for efficiency, robust performance, low profile packaging and excellent die-to-footprint utilization."

The introduction of the FDS3572 is another example of Fairchild's commitment to providing products that directly respond to today's critical market trends and requirements. Other products in Fairchild's portfolio targeting DC/DC conversion applications include optically isolated amplifiers (FOD27XX series), fast recovery diodes and PWM controllers.

This lead-free (Pb-free) product meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B and is compliant with the European Union requirements, which will take effect in 2005.

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