Morse Drum Rollers from IPI Offer Ergonomics and Safer Handling

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions offers a wide variety of Morse drum rotators and drum tumblers that are designed for safer handling, mixing and pouring from large steel, plastic and fiber containment drums. Portable drum rotators and tumblers are ideal for industrial users who need easily handle and mix the contents of sealed drums in a safe, clean and efficient manner. When you need to mix or blend material inside a closed drum, Morse drum handling equipment also allows for mixing of contents with fewer hazards.

With a variety of compact, stationary and portable industrial drum mixers to choose from, it is fast, safe and easy to roll a closed drum on its side to agitate the contents. IPI's selection of 55-gallon drum mixers, drum tumblers and rollers provide an ergonomic drum handling solution that eliminates possible spills and splashing of dangerous contents on workers, decreasing the risk of contamination. Our portable drum mixers agitate and blend drum contents without the need to open the drum. Plus, with the right portable handling and rocking equipment offers a drain stand capability, so there is no need to transfer contents from one container to the next, eliminating the hazards and clean-up related to the potentially messy transfer of contents.

There are a variety of products to choose from offering features to meet any drum handling requirement. Interstate Products 201 Series Portable Drum Rotators are designed to rotate drums at single speeds of 10, 20, or 30 RPM. Our 201VS Series is a variable speed rotator with built in transmission allowing users to vary drum speed from 10 to 24 RPM, which can be ideal for experimental use.

201VS Series
Other models available include:

201B Series Belted Portable Drum Rotator -
The belted drum rollers have a pair of belts between the rollers to turn the drum. Belted Rotators allow a fiber drum weighing up to 300 Lbs. to be rolled without damaging the fiber sidewall. 201B Series belted drum rollers are available with same drum speed and motor types as 201 Series.

201B Series

POLY-201 Plastic Drum Roller -
Since plastic drums are soft-sided and lack the ridged ribs and rims of a steel drum, they require special features to position them on the drum roller, and to prevent them from traveling lengthways during rotation. Three extra wheels on each side are designed to support a 55-gallon plastic drum. The weight of your plastic drum is then distributed over a total of 14 wheels and an end-stop prevents the drum from traveling while being rolled. As an added feature, a chain to latch around the top of the drum while tipping from upright to horizontal rolling position on the drum rotator is included.

Interstate Products' selection of Morse drum rollers are designed to accommodate a variety of drum types and sizes; and all of our drum lifters, drum rotators and tumblers offer users safety and convenience while saving valuable time and effort. As the authority on industrial and environmental spill control, secondary containment and materials handling solutions, our experts are always available to assist in product selection. IPI has made ordering Morse drum tumblers and rollers fast and easy. Please visit our new online store to view product demonstration and training videos and to order online or contact our drum handling specialists for a quote. To learn more about our full selection of drum lifting equipment, drum rollers, tumblers and drum stackers visit our website at:

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