Morristown FiberNet Deploys Procera's PacketLogic for Lawful Intercept; Also Gains Improved Network Oversight

Dec 17, 2007

LOS GATOS, CA Procera® Networks, Inc. (AMEX: PKT), a pioneering developer of telco-class network traffic and service management infrastructure equipment, today announced that Morristown FiberNet has deployed PacketLogic and its associated lawful-intercept delivery appliance to assure compliance with the technical assistance requirements of the United States' CALEA regulation. PacketLogic also provides deep packet inspection capabilities that give FiberNet broad visibility into its network application traffic, giving network managers an additional layer of defense against network intrusions and other inappropriate traffic.

Over the past two years Morristown FiberNet, a division of the Morristown Utilities Commission, has deployed its broadband passive optical network (BPON) throughout the community in eastern Tennessee. The network has quickly grown to serve nearly 4,000 customers with various combinations of triple-play Internet, voice and video service offerings. FiberNet has worked to create a world-class offering with more than 240 video and music channels, up to 10Mbps symmetrical Internet bandwidth per subscriber, and a full range of telephone services in partnership with Cinergy Communications. The Procera unit was installed in anticipation of area law enforcement agencies' need to receive timely, accurate information in the event that a warrant is issued.

Working with Procera channel partner ADH Communications, Morristown FiberNet ( evaluated, tested and installed PacketLogic and the PLID (PacketLogic Lawful Intercept Delivery) to provide compliance with CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act). PacketLogic's traffic analysis engine - DRDL, or Datastream Recognition Definition Language - identifies network application traffic independent of ports to deliver a highly accurate and scalable policy-based traffic management solution as well as a forensics engine for lawful-intercept applications.

"It is a real juggling act to safeguard the network not only without but within, and we also wanted to ensure compliance with CALEA as part of our service to the community," said George Benjamin, telecommunications operations manager for Morristown FiberNet. "PacketLogic gives us a strong, flexible tool to meet the technical assistance portion of the regulations, while complementing our other network intrusion strategies - it gives us another layer of defense to assure a quality experience for our users."

"We've worked closely with Morristown FiberNet in the design, development and implementation of their BPON network," said Hartmut Marschall, Principal of ADH Communications. "PacketLogic easily met their regulatory needs and provides a new level of network visibility and management. Rather than investing in a sunk-cost, single-purpose compliance device, FiberNet has gained a valuable new arsenal of network traffic management tools as well as compliance."

"PacketLogic's unique ability to provide a lawful-intercept solution, coupled with the industry's most accurate network traffic identification and management capabilities, give service providers worldwide a cost-effective solution that delivers a return on investment," said Albert Lopez, vice president of worldwide marketing for Procera Networks. "As nations increasingly legislate lawful-intercept regulations, and pressures from peer-to-peer, video and other bandwidth-intensive applications continue to proliferate, service providers are increasingly turning to PacketLogic as their first choice for network traffic and service management."

CALEA was enacted in 1994 with the intent of preserving the ability of law enforcement agencies to conduct electronic surveillance across digital communications such as e-mail, Voice over IP and Internet usage. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission set a firm deadline earlier this year for telecommunications carriers to comply with CALEA.

The PacketLogic product family includes the PL5600, PL7600, PL7620 and PL9200 models, which range from 2 Mbps to 8 Gbps bidirectional throughput capacity. The modular software design includes Surveillance (standard in all PacketLogic systems), Filtering, Traffic Shaping, Statistics and Web Statistics options.

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Founded in 2002, Procera Networks, Inc. (AMEX: PKT) is a global provider of intelligent network traffic identification, control and service management infrastructure equipment. Procera's core product suite, the PacketLogic(TM) line of appliances, provides the most accurate application identification available today by using the industry leading connection identification engine DRDL(TM) (Datastream Recognition Definition Language). PacketLogic is deployed at more than 400 broadband service providers (xSPs), telcos, colleges and universities worldwide. For more information, visit

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