Morgan Technical Ceramics Announces Its Transducer Design and Computer Modeling Capabilities

Piezoelectric assemblies now have Finite Element Analysis Capabilities

Morgan Technical Ceramics' ElectroCeramics business in Bedford, OH has added finite element analysis (FEA) capability for piezoelectric assemblies and transducers to address requirements in the medical, aerospace, industrial, oceanographic, commercial, automotive and state-of-the-art research applications. The goal is to use this tool to better visualize, quantify and optimize the performance of piezoelectric transducer concepts before proceeding to physical prototypes, yielding a superior solution for the end-user. MTC's ABAQUS based multiphysics FEA and MECTrans design software has been customized and tailored for acoustic and electro-mechanical applications.

Prototyping of each concept that has been developed is encouraged to validate performance. Characterization capabilities include the following: acoustic scanning tank, contact and non-contact displacement, low field and high field electrical characterization, electrical power analysis, acoustic power determination and determination of speed of sound. All of these techniques may be used in combination to provide performance information critical to each application.

"Our critical advantage is seamless vertical integration to the high volume production capability that MTC Bedford, OH offers," says Mark Bartrum, Engineering Manager -Piezoelectric Products. "MTC has the production capacity and manufacturing experience to be able to take this design to a high volume, fully tested and packaged component that can be drop shipped to the customer's door, ready for integration into their end product."

MTC has successfully modeled and developed external contact medical transducers, implantable and minimally invasive medical transducers, aerospace level sensors, automotive, industrial optical positioning, beam forming and undersea transducers for oceanographic use.

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