More than the Minumum! Therm-O-Mix Station

Warminster, Pa. - A worker was splashed with a hazardous fluid. Following plant safety procedures, he immediately went to the nearest shower unit, started a full shower and almost immediately jumped out due to the cold water. Knowing the potential danger of chemical burns, 4 fellow employees forced him back into the shower, holding him in place for the required 15 minute washdown. By the end of the shower, he was unconscious and in shock from the hypothermia.

Therm Omega Tech's Therm-O-Mix Station, eliminates this situation. With it's on-demand design, 85°F water is delivered instantly and constantly, well above the ANSI standard, encouraging its use and avoiding potentially life-threatening scenarios like this one.

We also offer the Therm-O-Mix Station/WWM for facilities without readily available steam. Instead of using the steam line, the Therm-O-Mix Station/WWM uses the hot water supply to mix with the cold water. It works in a similar way as the steam version, maintaining the self operating on-demand design.

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