More Pipe Purging Success for Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd

Weld purging systems from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques are being used by Bechtel on the Sabine Pass LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) pipeline project in Louisiana USA designed to transport 2.6 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas.

A range of pipes between 400 and 1000 mm diameter (16 to 36 inches) are being welded successfully on site using Argweld® Quickpurge systems which are rigid and stable purging devices providing effective sealing on the inside diameter of the pipe.

The Sabine Pass LNG Pipeline Project will provide the facilities necessary to meet growing demand for gas in the United States by offering a reliable supply of natural gas from worldwide reserves.

The United States is served by a network of pipelines that are designed to handle significant quantities of supply from the Gulf Coast. These traditional Gulf Coast supplies are in decline, which means excess capacity in the existing pipelines is available for new supply. The ability of pipelines from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to reach all parts of the nation make this an ideal place to develop this new LNG receiving terminal.

The Sabine Pass area is one of only a few suitable LNG terminal locations on the Gulf Coast and the natural gas will pass into the natural gas transmission network. It is scheduled to be operational in early 2008

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