More Neutron Scintillators for Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Applied Scintillation Technologies (AST), a world leader in phosphor and scintillation technology, has received a second large order from Oak Ridge National Laboratory for glass scintillator plates to be used in an Anger camera development project. This camera will be used for area position-sensitive neutron detection in neutron scattering applications as part of the Spallation Neutron Source project.

The scintillator plates feature a blend of 6Li compounds and phosphors to create light that can be detected by the imaging system within the Anger camera following neutron impact with the screen.

Twenty five matched 158 mm square scintillator plates have been ordered for this application.

The scintillator material exhibits extremely good signal-to-noise and has a nanosceond decay time in the glass for high temporal resolution of neutrons and will be used in conjunction with fast-response detection electronics. The particular blend of 6Li compounds and phosphors offers excellent neutron capture whilst maintaining minimal response to gamma rays that could interfere with the neutron signal.
The plates are robust and extremely stable over time.

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