Monolithic Voltage Buffer Amplifier targets CCD applications.

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Available in 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.55 mm LFCSP package, Model ADA4800 consumes 20 mW of static power and features fixed gain of 1. For CCD applications, active load current source can load open source CCD sensor outputs and buffer can drive AFE load. Active current load can also be switched off, allowing amplifier to be used as unity gain buffer. Employing push-pull output stage architecture, device provides 400 MHz, -3 dB bandwidth at 5 mA quiescent current setting.

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ADA4800: Low Power, High Speed CCD Buffer Amplifier

The ADA4800 is a voltage buffer amplifier integrated with an active load. The buffer is a low power, high speed, low noise, high slew rate, fast settling, fixed gain of 1 monolithic amplifier for charge-coupled device (CCD) applications. For CCD applications, the active load current source (IAL) can load the open source CCD sensor outputs and the buffer can drive the AFE load. The active current load can also be switched off, to use the ADA4800 as just a unity gain buffer. The buffer consumes only 20 mW of static power. In applications where power savings is critical, the ADA4800 features a power save mode (see the Power Save Mode section), which further reduces the total current consumption. The bandwidth of the ADA4800 buffer is also fully adjustable through the IDRV pin.

The buffer of the ADA4800 employs a push-pull output stage architecture, providing drive current and maximum slew capability for both rising and falling signal transitions. At a 5 mA quiescent current setting, it provides 400 MHz, -3 dB bandwidth, which makes this buffer well suited for CCD sensors from machine vision to digital still camera applications.

The ADA4800 is ideal for driving the input of the Analog Devices, Inc., 12-bit and 14-bit high resolution analog front ends (AFE) such as the AD9928, AD9990, AD9920A, AD9923A, and AD997x family.

The versatility of the ADA4800 allows for seamless interfacing with many CCD sensors from various manufacturers.

The ADA4800 is designed to operate at supply voltages as low as 4 V and up to 17 V. It is available in a 1.6 mm × 1.6 mm × 0.55 mm, 6-lead LFCSP package and is rated to operate over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.


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