Monitoring System detects photovoltaic production gases.

Press Release Summary:

Vertex provides 8 to 72 points of continuous gas monitoring while occupying 33 x 19 in. footprint. Sampling points can be placed up to 400 ft from device. Monitoring semiconductor process gases down to ppb levels, Chemcassette® colorimetric technology
utilizes chemically impregnated paper tape specific to target gas, which reacts to gas with proof of evidence detection that shows change in color. Features include OPC interface that integrates into factory automation system or HMI.

Original Press Release:

Honeywell's Vertex® Adapts to a Range of Gas Detection Requirements;

Detects Virtually All Gases in Photovoltaic Manufacturing, With "Proof of Detection" Technology

The Vertex is Honeywell Analytics' flagship gas monitoring system for the company's High Tech line of business. Vertex provides from 8 to 72 points of continuous gas monitoring, yet occupies one of the smallest footprints used for instrumentation of this kind designed specifically for the semiconductor industry (the unit base is a mere 33"x 19"). In a photovoltaic manufacturing environment, this economical use of space serves a critical life safety service while enabling maximum use of space for production. Despite its compact size, the Vertex can effectively monitor large areas; in fact, sampling points can be placed up to 400 feet (120 meters) from the system.

"Proof of Detection"
Vertex demonstrates the proven colorimetric detection technology required to monitor semiconductor process gases down to parts per billion levels with the least amount of cross-sensitivity to other gases (compared with other gas detection technologies currently available). Vertex uses the company's patented Chemcassette® technology, wherein a special chemically impregnated paper tape that is highly specific to the target gas reacts to the gas with "proof of evidence" detection that shows a change in color or stain on the paper. This proof of detection technology can prove compliance and support other safety/legal documentation.

The chemical methods used in Chemcassette production have been developed and refined over 25 years of testing in controlled laboratory environments and semiconductor field use. Chemcassettes are available in over 40 chemical formulations to detect virtually every gas used in photovoltaic production. New chemical configurations are continuously being developed to detect other gases, with ramp-up capabilities for solar/photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, homeland defense and other applications.

This capability includes remote control/viewing software that enables users to view gas concentration readings at a remote PC. Additionally, an optional Chemcam camera permits viewing of the stain, locally or remotely, for proof of gas event. The image is saved electronically for future retrieval.

Built-in Redundancy, Feature Rich Advantages Increase ROI by Ensuring Uptime
In photovoltaic manufacturing, uptime is critical to ROI. The Vertex has been designed with an advanced system backup using built-in redundancy; if, for example, the main data acquisition PC fails, the analyzers will continue to monitor, log data and alarm. A back-up pump and internal power module are also standard features. The Vertex software can be configured without taking the unit offline. No dynamic calibration is required, no flow balancing is needed. An automated leak test with line integrity is an additional option.

The Chemcassette provides up to three months of continuous, trouble-free monitoring. For convenience, gas samples can be split to more than one analyzer. Both universal analyzer modules and/or pyrolyzer analyzers are available. The design provides easy access to analyzers, pumps and power supplies.

Vertex also offers simplified installation and operation. The OPC interface integrates easily into a factory automation system or HMI. The operating software has recently been improved for enhanced security as well as simplified user operation. Multiple levels of password protection are offered. Users get touch screen access to data.

Compact footprint, comprehensive range of gases detectable, feature-rich advantages-Vertex offers the semiconductor industry one of the most advanced, reliable tools available to help protect people, equipment and environment.

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