Momentive Performance Materials Offers Performance Enhancing Products under Niax* Brand of Urethane Additives

Continuing a Fifty-Year Tradition of Innovation in Polyurethane Foam Technology

ALBANY, N.Y. - Momentive Performance Materials Inc., a leading global provider of silicones and advanced materials, will launch the 50th anniversary of its Niax brand with the introduction of new Niax products at UTECH Europe 2012, April 17-19, Booth 1630. The Niax portfolio, representing one of the most enduring brands in the polyurethane industry, encompasses a broad range of silicone additives, catalysts and process modifiers that can be used in polyurethane foam formulations to optimize performance and processing.

"Since introducing the first non-hydrolyzable silicone surfactant for polyurethane foam in 1962, Momentive has steadily expanded its Niax offering for slab, rigid, molded and specialty foams," said Tony Lanchak, Global Business Director-Urethane Additives, Momentive Performance Materials, and vice-chair of the upcoming American Chemistry Council's Polyurethanes 2012 Technical Conference in September. "Over the years, the Niax brand has earned its place as one of the industry's most trusted names, delivering consistency in quality and an unmatched range of product to meet customers' specialized processing and performance needs."

Momentive will also feature a technical paper at the UTECH conference on a new generation of surfactants for hydrocarbon blown appliance foam formulations, as part of its global initiative to eliminate foam voids and improve foam quality across rigid foam segments. As a long-time driver of innovation in the industry the company continues to address key industry goals for polyurethane foam.

"At Momentive, we are constantly researching, developing and testing new technologies that can improve the performance of slab foam found in furniture and bedding, rigid foam used in household appliances and in the construction industry, molded foam for automotive interior use, and specialty foam for a variety of microcellular applications, such as carpet underlay," said Alberto Melle, Global Marketing Director-Flexible Foam Additives, Momentive Performance Materials. "We also focus on processing improvements that have the potential to reduce manufacturing costs."

"Over the years, we have responded not only to specific application needs, but also to key trends in product design and consumer demand," added Vittorio Bonapersona, Global Marketing Director-Rigid Foam Additives at Momentive Performance Materials. "As a result, our additives are used to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the end product as well as to address such issues as energy efficiency and safety."

Among the needs that Momentive is addressing are improved textile lamination that will maintain a stronger bond between the foam for automotive seating with its covering, reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions for lower impact on the environment and in the interiors of appliances, cars and homes, elimination of the use of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) in some products and improved flame retardancy. The Niax products that will be featured at the UTECH show for the global polyurethanes industry include:

o Niax Silicone L-537XF - the latest in a series of innovative, all-purpose silicone stabilizers for use in polyester foam formulations. Niax silicone L-537XF does not contain nonylphenol ethoxylates, which have been identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as presenting potential environmental concerns.This product can provide optimum stabilization and fine cell structure as well as reduce the need for organic surfactants and emulsifiers.

o Niax Silicone L-2106 - a new silicone stabilizer that can be used in high resilience (HR) flexible slabstock foam, while offering low emission properties to meet stringent industry standards. This product provides wide processing latitude across a broad range of HR systems.

o Niax Color Stabilizer CS-26LF - manufactured without the use of phenol, an excellent candidate to consider for flame and heat lamination of textiles to polyether foams. For example, this product demonstrates higher bonding strength between automotive seat covering and the underlying seat foam at lower use levels.

o Niax Silicone L-895 - a high potency silicone with low emission properties for the production of flexible slabstock foam. A high performance stabilizer, this silicone is an excellent candidate to consider for well-balanced processing, good foam porosity, fine cells and superior density distribution.

o Niax Silicone L-595 - a silicone surfactant that offers manufacturers of flexible slabstock polyurethane foam the potential to reduce their manufacturing costs while at the same time improving mechanical properties, such as foam density and air flow distribution.

o Niax Silicone L-595LV - a lower viscosity version of Niax L-595, developed to allow easier metering in colder temperature, that offers the same potential benefits as its sister product. It is part of a new family of silicones to be considered for use in a wide range of flexible foam formulations that offer improved performance over industry standards and can provide increased foam yield, better density and greater air flow distribution in the foam bun.

o Niax Silicone L-3556 - a new surfactant that can be considered for use in flexible TDI molded foam formulations developed for use in automotive seating. Offering very low emission properties, this additive can provide wide processing latitude with excellent foam stabilization while maintaining foam openness and shear collapse resistance.

o Niax Silicone L-6638 - a new high performing silicone surfactant developed to deliver durable construction sandwich panels with elimination of foam surface defects. As a versatile surfactant grade exhibiting high compatibility power and good foam flow, it can also be considered for use in rigid foam applications where those properties are required.

o Niax Silicone L-6891 - a new silicone surfactant for foam formulations for appliances that can deliver strong compatibility with hydrocarbon blowing agents, reduce voids and offer excellent thermal insulation.

o Other innovative solutions - a new class of surfactants for open cells technologies and adhesion promotion additives, developed for new rigid foam applications.

For more information about the Niax platform, please call 800.295.2392 in North America (+1 614 986 2495 everywhere else), email: or visit

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