Mold Prevention System combines longevity, safe materials.

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Offered as 2-step system, Endurance Bio-Barrier(TM) is comprised of cleaner/prep agent and Bio-Door Technology(TM) barrier and odor control application. Safe active ingredients are below required EPA registration levels, and treatments can be effective for 6 months to 10 years depending on area of application. Polymer film continually presents environmentally friendly and water-based ingredients, which are free of toxic silane, quaternary ammonia salts, and triclosan.

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GSK Innovations introduces Bio-Door Technology(TM) to Combat Global Mold Problem

'What is Your Mold Prevention Program?'

BOSTON, Feb. 19 -- GSK Innovations, LLC (GSK), a company that brings to market innovative intellectual property products, is introducing its unique Endurance Bio-Barrier(TM) two-step mold prevention system consisting of a cleaner/prep agent and the Bio-Door Technology barrier and odor control application.

Endurance Bio-Barrier is unique due to two distinct characteristics -- its effective lifespan as a mold prevention system -- outlasting other products by months and even years in effectiveness, and its safe active ingredients, which are below required EPA registration levels. Endurance Bio-Barrier applications in difficult environments such as saunas, pools and showers typically last up to six months, building applications typically last five years, and building OEM product applications typically for 10 years. Additionally, Endurance Bio- Barrier is environmentally friendly and water-based without toxic silane, quaternary ammonia salts or triclosan, which are typical ingredients in most anti-mold products.

The secret to Endurance Bio-Barrier longevity is a unique polymer film, which continually presents active ingredients. The formulation is proprietary and unique in the industry, and has the GSK trade name of Bio-Door Technology(TM).

Mold damage is estimated at several billion dollars per year -- just for buildings. After suffering massive losses from mold claims (estimated at $12 billion in 2005), the insurance industry began excluding mold claims from all commercial insurance policies in 2005. Since mold infestation can render a building valueless -- this shifts the burden of mold prevention and remediation onto the building owner.

Kerry Leppo, Chairman of GSK, met the creator of Endurance Bio-Barrier, Jim Stanley (now Chief Technology Officer of GSK) while working as an investment banker and investigating high-potential products for commercialization. The original product of interest was an anti-graffiti paint, but Leppo asked, "What else do you have in your desk?" and Stanley brought out the product that is now named Endurance Bio-Barrier. Stanley, an entrepreneurial chemist, had developed the product to help his neighbors in central Georgia battle the ever-present mold. Stanley showed Leppo an area on his outside deck that had been treated years before and was still mold-free.

Leppo, intrigued by the commercial possibilities, performed a significant amount of due diligence. He then decided that the market potential for a mold prevention system was so great that he created a company, GSK Innovations LLC, to bring to market Endurance Bio-Barrier along with several other of Stanley's inventions, and also other intellectual property products.

"Our corporate objective is to have Endurance Bio-Barrier as the industry standard for mold prevention, with a bonus of being both the most economical, safe and environmentally friendly alternative," comments Leppo. He cites the example of an application of Endurance Bio-Barrier to a new house under construction, with five or six gallons for an estimated application cost of $250-$300. Other treatments typically cost as much as 1% of the cost of the house -- which is usually thousands of dollars or more.

Additional uses are mold prevention in the shipment of building products (lumber, fiberglass insulation, etc.), which typically have delivery rejection rates of 10% or more due to mold growth. Carpet treatment is another major area, and carpet manufacturers have expressed keen interest in Endurance Bio- Barrier, and are in active negotiations with GSK.

Another area of use is clothing -- ranging from military battle uniforms to athletic wear. "Bacteria from human sweat is the primary cause of odor in clothing, and fabric treated with Endurance Bio-Barrier eliminates the bacteria, and hence the odor. It is also safe for direct contact with the skin," comments Leppo -- who notes that the military has done extensive testing and is evaluating the specification of Endurance Bio-Barrier treatment for the fabrics used in military applications (uniforms, tents, etc.)

Endurance Bio-Barrier with Bio-Door Technology are disruptive technologies that are winning the global battle against mold -- with long-lasting effectiveness and environmentally-safe ingredients, offer the promise of reducing the current billions of dollars of mold damage to incidental proportions.

"In time, the only true answer to the question: 'What is your mold prevention program?' will simply be 'Endurance Bio-Barrier' -- there are no equals in mold prevention," observes Leppo. "Only areas or materials that are treated with Endurance Bio-Barrier will prevent mold growth for months or years."

Endurance Bio-Barrier will initially be distributed on a OEM basis to manufacturers and janitorial supply houses, with retail availability through a soon-to-be-named major consumer package goods partner.

Endurance Bio-Barrier(TM) is a registered trademark of GSK Innovations, LLC

"Bio-Door Technology(TM)" is a registered trademark of GSK Innovations, LLC

CONTACT: Jeffrey Geibel, APR of Geibel Solutions Marketing for GSK Innovations, LLC, +1-617-484-8285,; Kerry Leppo, Chairman of GSK Innovations, LLC, +1-508-566-5212,

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