Mold Bases are offered in 75+ trillion configurations.

Press Release Summary:

SelectBase(TM) units are offered in 43 nominal mold base sizes (from 0808 to 2435) with 4 steel types and 9 plate thicknesses. Features include available clamp slot type (A, B, C, or D), location or omission of locating ring, and sprue bushing and sprue puller pin. Options include selection or omission of assembly screws, choice of stop pins and return pins, and either 3-piece or welded ejector housing type. Additional offerings include guided ejection.

Original Press Release:

75 Trillion Possibilities - new SelectBase(TM) Offers Rapid Delivery of Nearly Unlimited Configurations

September 2002 - D-M-E Company's new quick-delivery SelectBase(TM) offers the industry's greatest variety of mold base sizes, steel types, plate thicknesses, and value-added features. Every SelectBase is built-to-order - not off-the-shelf- but most are shipped in just a few days, and all are shipped within five days. SelectBase provides a unique combination of affordability, quick turnaround and extensive feature offerings, with more than 75 trillion possible mold base configurations available.

SelectBase gives mold makers "made-to-order" flexibility with short lead times, allowing a la carte feature selection without special "feature grouping" and added cost for unwanted "extras." Customers can even specify their desired steel type - at the plate level - to customize a mold base that meets their objectives. SelectBase offers 43 nominal mold base sizes from 0808 to 2435 - the widest range of nominal sizes offered in the industry.

D-M-E Company has always offered many features with its standard mold base product line, including:

o 43 nominal sizes
o nine plate thicknesses
o four steel types
o clamp slot type (A, B, C or D)
o location or omission of locating ring
o sprue bushing and sprue puller pin (with or without machining)
o selection or omission of assembly screws
o stop pins and return pins
o three-piece or welded ejector housing

SelectBase expands this list with additional features such as:

o guided ejection
o pry slots
o leader pin vents
o lifting holes
o ejector housing cover

Each SelectBase includes an ejector housing cover for additional operator safety, as well as ejector and ejector retainer plates.

SelectBase complements D-M-E Company's low-cost MoldBasics line, which offers same-day shipment of mold bases with fewer features, as well as the company's full-custom Quick Delivery Specials (QDS) series for specialized mold requirements. D-M-E Company backs the SelectBase line, as it does all of its products, with expert application assistance and guaranteed satisfaction.

D-M-E Company is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of mold tooling, mold components, hot runner systems, and electronic controls for the plastics industry. A subsidiary of Milacron Inc., D-M-E Company also manufactures and sells standard tooling for the die casting industry.

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