Moisture Analyzers provide 3 modes of operation.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing Super Hybrid Sensor Technology, Models MF-50 and MX-50 are equipped with 400 W halogen lamp with Secondary Radiation Assist. Features include RS232 interface, 5 reusable sample trays, and vacuum-fluorescent display. Products offer 5 display modes and standard, quick, and temperature-stop operation modes. Auto-stop automatically stops analysis once desired drying rate is achieved. Offered with WinCT Data Collection Software, MF-50 and MX-50 hold up to 20 and 50 IDs respectively.

Original Press Release:

Moisture Analyzers MF-50 & MX-50

o Super Hybrid Sensor Technology
o 400W halogen lamp with Secondary Radiation Assist provides quick measurements and superior accuracy
o 5 display modes: Moisture Content, Solid Content, Weight, Atro Moisture, and Atro Solid
o 3 Operation modes: standard, quick, and temperature stop
o Auto-stop automatically stops the analysis once a desired drying rate is achieved
o RS232 interface
o 5 Reusable Sample Trays
o High Density Vacuum Fluorescent Display
o WinCT Data Collection Software
o ID Memory: 20 for MF-50, 50 for MX-50

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