Module provides HART multi-drop communication.

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Model MV156-HART provides 4 independent HART communication channels for Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix platform. HART channels generate signal to communicate in multi-drop mode enabling 2-way communication between processor and field transmitter. Module operates as master, supporting 15 instruments per channel with full configurable read/write access to instrument configuration/diagnostic tables. Burst communication mode enables 3-4 data updates per sec.

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ProSoft Technology Introduces HART Connectivity for Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix Platform

Single-slot, in-rack solution provides HART multi-drop communication for up to 60 instruments BAKERSFIELD, Calif., October 1, 2003 ProSoft Technology's HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) multi-drop communication module (MVI56-HART) provides four independent HART communication channels for Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix platform. The four HART channels generate the Bell 202 FSK signal to communicate in multi-drop mode enabling two-way communication between the processor and the smart field transmitter. The module operates as a Master, supporting up to 15 instruments per channel with fully configurable read/write access to the instrument configuration/diagnostic databases. Other features include: · Supports available HART commands including Universal, Common Practice and Device Specific commands · Channels can be independently configured to read process variable data as well as configuration data from the instruments · User configuration of the module's command list (up to 100 commands per channel) determines the HART commands issued on each channel to the instruments · Data read from the devices is made available to the ControlLogix processor across the backplane for use in control applications Auto polling automatically senses and determines devices on the channel, allowing easy setup and configuration for fast installation. The Burst communication mode enables 3 to 4 data updates per second. In Burst mode, the Master instructs the Slave device to continuously broadcast a standard HART reply message. The Master receives the message at the higher speed and instructs the Slave when to stop. The MVI56-HART module also allows two communicating Masters per channel. The primary and secondary Masters can be a PC, Handheld or DCS, offering a more flexible data access and robust control environment. The HART protocol is a proven field technology with over 5 million installations worldwide. More smart instruments currently use it than any other protocol in the industry. The HART protocol is also available in a stand-alone gateway with connectivity solutions for DF1, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, A-B Remote I/O, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. For information on the MVI56-HART Communication Module call 661-716-5100, email or visit For additional information about ProSoft Technology and its products, visit For further information please call or email: Mariana Campbell ProSoft Technology 1675 Chester Avenue 4th Floor Bakersfield, CA 93301 Phone: 661-7165100 x 212 Fax: 661-7165101 Email:

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