Module interfaces between joystick and machine controls.

Press Release Summary:

CL-407 module, configurable as slave module in CAN system, has 4 A available on outputs and 60 mA 5 Vdc regulated supply for providing power to external input devices. Features include 2 switch-to-battery or 8-bit analog inputs, three 0-5 Vdc 12-bit analog inputs, and 7 PWM or digital 4 A sourcing outputs. Module is housed in aluminum extrusion NEMA 4 case with Deutsch DT connectors.

Original Press Release:

New Module Enhances Operator Control of Machine Functions

(Hartford, WI) A recently introduced module by HED Inc. enhances the response of off-road machine functions to commands from operator control devices. The CL-407module is ideal for interfacing between joystick controls and components such as machine valves, solenoids, etc.

The CL-407 module is typically configured as a "slave" module in a CAN (Controlled Area Network) System, although as a stand-alone module or Single Board Controller it has an additional 4 digital inputs available. The feature that makes the CL-407 unique is the Input/Output count, 4 amps available on the outputs, and a 60mA 5VDC regulated supply for providing power to external input devices.

Inputs/outputs on the module include:
2 Switch to Battery (STB) or 8-bit analog Inputs
1 Frequency Input
3 0-5VDC 12-bit analog Inputs
7 4A Sourcing Outputs, PWM or digital
1 60mA 5VDC regulated supply

HED packages the CL-407 module in the company's standard aluminum extrusion NEMA-4 case with Deutsch DT connectors. As an option, HED has a version of the CL-407 that has additional (1) 4A digital output, (2) 0-5VDC 12-bit analog inputs, and (1) Switch to Battery or 8-bit analog Input.

HED is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art electronics for truck, vehicle, and off-road machine applications. Contact HED for a free copy of the new brochure on the expanded CANLink family.

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