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Feature Configuration Module (FCM) enables OEMs to inventory one controller for different model appliances, thus eliminating need for separate controllers for each model. Unit configures 2698/2699 Cold/Hot Controller using customer specified parameters including ASC lockout and minimum-run times, temperature offsets and differentials, fixed defrost cycle times, adjustable/fixed temperature range, maximum duration of defrost cycle, and temperature display scale in Fahrenheit/Celsius.

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Selco/ECC's New Configurator Module Multiplies Benefits of Hot/Cold Electronic Controller and Reduces Inventory Costs for OEMs

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Oct. 23, 2006 - Designed to reduce inventory and associated costs for OEMs, Selco/ECC has introduced the new Feature Configuration Module (FCM) for its 2698/2699 Cold/Hot Electronic Controller Series. The FCM enables OEMs to inventory one controller capable of controlling different model appliances that they manufacture, instead of requiring a separate controller for each model. In this way, OEMs can change controller configurations to meet the specific product requirements, without the expense of additional controllers. The result can be a significant reduction in costs. Suitable applications include cooling or heating control for freezers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, cooking equipment, and other appliances.

The FCM configures the 2698/2699 Controller using a wide range of possible parameters, including temperature, timing, and switching settings (values) that can be specified by the customer. Parameters include ASC lockout times, minimum-run times, temperature offsets, temperature differentials, fixed defrost cycle times, different temperature ranges, enable or disable defrost heater or defrost cycle, enable or disable evaporating fan, adjustable or fixed temperature range, maximum duration of defrost cycle, and temperature display scale in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Other requirements can be specified at the time of ordering.

"OEMs will find the new device to be a valuable cost-cutter," says Jon Skolmutch, Selco/ECC Product Manager. "Using the FCM and only one control, OEMs can set up a variety of different products on their production line. For example, if a manufacturer is making four different types of freezers, he no longer needs four separate electronic controllers to configure each model's unique parameters - all he needs is the FCM and one controller."

To configure the controller, the OEM first sets the configuration parameters using switches on the FCM. Then the FCM is plugged into a 120-Volt outlet and connected to the model 2698/2699 Controller with a ribbon cable. With a simple push of a button on the FCM, the device sequences through the set up configuration parameters to complete the controller configuration. The process is repeated using different parameter settings to meet the next appliance model requirements.

With the FCM, OEMS can multiply the benefits of the 2698 and 2699 Cold/Hot Controllers,
which offer high-end electronic features to provide extremely sophisticated sensing and control of heating, cooling and humidity, and/or temperature reading display capabilities. Both electronic controllers feature two or four-digit push-button display panels, bi-color LED indicators, and options for user panel remote control and user adjustment of differential.

The Model 2698 Electronic Cold/Hot Controller is designed for ON/OFF cooling control for temperatures between -40°F to +100°F (-40°C to +24°C), or heating control for temperatures between -32°F to +285°F(-170°C to - 140°C). In the cooling mode, the 2698 or 2699 optimizes precise time/temperature control by providing user settable lock-out time and minimum run time. Model 2698 offers a SPST/SPDT relay rated at 30Amp.

The Model 2699 Electronic Cold/Hot Controller is designed for ON/OFF temperature and humidity control and features up to three outputs with multiple relays (one at 30A and two at 10A ratings), or alternately, ability to drive an external SSR. The additional outputs can be programmed to drive a fan, lights, defrost heater or damper. Model 2699 also includes programmable LED indication in addition to its standard bi-color LED feature and optional remote digital display control.

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