Module allows web handling on SHM 1400 and SHM 1450 series.

Press Release Summary:

Providing optimal decurler capability, T.I.P. WEB-0401 features heavy duty 3-bar motorized roller decurler assembly. Available in 12, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 75 mm dia, diameter of 3 decurler bars depend on machine/product details. Decurler needed for converting dedicated product can be selected by moving pin and rotating assembly using supplied handle and then reinserting pin to lock it. With remote adjustment, unit has less or no product markings.

Original Press Release:

T.I.P. WEB-0401 Heavy Duty (HD) 3-Bar Motorized Decurler Assembly

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This January, Pemco has released the latest version of its Technical Improvement Program (T.I.P.) for the SHM folio-size sheeter product line. One highlight of this T.I.P. release is WEB-0401, a module to improve web handling on the SHM 1400 and SHM 1450 series.

T.I.P. WEB-0401 features a heavy duty (HD) 3-bar motorized roller decurler assembly to give enhanced decurler capability. The diameters of the three decurler bars depend on machine and product details and are individually determined by Pemco's Engineering Department. Decurler bars are available in 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm diameters. The desired decurler needed for converting a dedicated product can be selected by moving a pin and rotating the assembly using the supplied handle and then reinserting the pin to lock it. The main operator station houses the required components for remotely adjusting up and down movement of the decurler.

T.I.P. WEB-0401 offers the following advantages:

o The motorized system is superior to manual adjustment

o Remote adjustment improves machine operation

o Changeover from one bar diameter to another can be carried out quickly

o Product markings are reduced or completely eliminated

o The overall machine performance is improved

"The implementation of T.I.P. WEB-0401 can be accomplished in less than 5 days. The total machine downtime is only about 12 to 16 hours," says Tayfun Ozbaki, Senior Production Improvement Engineer at Pemco. "We estimate another 6 to 10 hours for start-up and testing with minimal production, followed by two days of monitoring during normal production."

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