Modular Receptacles minimize EMI in circuit's grounding system.

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Available in duplex and Decora® standard versions as well as tamper-resistant models, Lev-lok® Modular Receptacles include 15 and 20 A/125 V heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty isolated ground devices. Units feature 3/16 in. nylon insulator, which provides thick barrier that withstands dielectric voltage levels more than 50% greater than UL's minimum of 2,000 V. Additional features include heavy-duty brass isolated ground system, solid brass locking pins, and plated steel wrap-around mounting strap.

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Leviton Expands Lev-Lok® Line of Modular Receptacles

Leviton Expands Lev-Lok® Line of Modular Receptacles with 15A and 20A, 125V Isolated Ground Receptacles

3/16" nylon insulator dramatically reduces circuit noise; protects sensitive electronics

Melville, New York, -- Leviton has expanded its Lev-lok® modular receptacles line with the addition of 15 amp and 20 amp heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty isolated ground (IG) devices. The receptacles, available in traditional duplex and Decora® standard versions and industry exclusive tamper-resistant models, are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference in a circuit's grounding system to improve the operation of connected sensitive electronics.

Lev-lok IG receptacles feature a 3/16" nylon insulator which provides a thick barrier that withstands dielectric voltage levels more than 50% greater than UL's minimum of 2,000 volts. The result: a vastly improved electrical noise "isolation" capacity that by far outperforms other manufacturers' designs.

According to Marc Noest, Director of Product Management for Leviton's Commercial and Industrial Products, "Some IG designs have an isolation barrier that is small enough to compromise the IG path when metal wall plates are installed with the device. Lev-lok's thick nylon insulator dramatically reduces noise on the circuit to help maintain the integrity of the circuit and safeguard sensitive electronics."

Lev-lok IG receptacles also feature an exclusive orange wiring module to aid in identifying the isolated ground wire during installation. This reduces the possibility of the ground path being mis-wired; ensuring the integrity of the circuit. In addition, Lev-Lok IG receptacles feature a heavy-duty brass isolated ground system; solid brass locking pins which provide superior electro/mechanical connections between the receptacle and the wiring module, and a plated steel wrap-around mounting strap with Groundamatic(TM) self-grounding clip for secure installation. The system's large, triple-wipe solid brass "T" contacts afford superior conductivity and the nylon isolated ground insulator assures reliable separation between the IG contacts and mounting strap.

Lev-Lok IG devices are ideal for new construction, large facility additions and retrofits, especially where meeting a tight completion deadline is critical. For fast replacement, installers simply turn the wiring module counter-clockwise and unlock the module from the switch's terminal screws.

Lev-lok IG receptacles are part of the Lev-lok line of switches and receptacles. Lev-lok devices are available in a wide range of colors, styles and configurations. They are UL Listed, CSA and NOM certified and RoHS compliant and come with a Ten Year Limited Warranty.

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